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  • ActiveSupport::Duration supports weeks and hours.

    [1.hour.inspect, 1.hour.value,]
    # => ["3600 seconds", 3600, [[:seconds, 3600]]]   # Before
    # => ["1 hour", 3600, [[:hours, 1]]]              # After
    [1.week.inspect, 1.week.value,]
    # => ["7 days", 604800, [[:days, 7]]]             # Before
    # => ["1 week", 604800, [[:weeks, 1]]]            # After

    This brings us into closer conformance with ISO8601 and relieves some astonishment about getting 1.hour.inspect # => 3600 seconds.

    Compatibility: The duration's value remains the same, so apps using durations are oblivious to the new time periods. Apps, libraries, and plugins that work with the internal parts hash will need to broaden their time period handling to cover hours & weeks.

    Andrey Novikov

Rails 5.0.0.beta4 (April 27, 2016)

  • Time zones: Ensure that the UTC offset reflects DST changes that occurred since the app started. Removes UTC offset caching, reducing performance, but this is still relatively quick and isn't in any hot paths.

    Alexey Shein

  • Make getlocal and getutc always return instances of Time for ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and DateTime. This eliminates a possible stack level too deep error in to_time where ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone was wrapping a DateTime instance. As a consequence of this the internal time value in ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone is now always an instance of Time in the UTC timezone, whether that's as the UTC time directly or a representation of the local time in the timezone. There should be no consequences of this internal change and if there are it's a bug due to leaky abstractions.

    Andrew White

  • Add DateTime#subsec to return the fraction of a second as a Rational.

    Andrew White

  • Add additional aliases for DateTime#utc to mirror the ones on ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and Time.

    Andrew White

  • Add DateTime#localtime to return an instance of Time in the system's local timezone. Also aliased to getlocal.

    Andrew White, Yuichiro Kaneko

  • Add Time#sec_fraction to return the fraction of a second as a Rational.

    Andrew White

  • Add ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone config option to control how to_time handles timezones. In Ruby 2.4+ the behavior will change from converting to the local system timezone, to preserving the timezone of the receiver. This config option defaults to false so that apps made with earlier versions of Rails are not affected when upgrading, e.g:

    >> ENV['TZ'] = 'US/Eastern'
    >> "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z".to_time
    => "2016-04-23T06:23:12.000-04:00"
    >> ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone = true
    >> "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z".to_time
    => "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z"

    Fixes #24617.

    Andrew White

  • ActiveSupport::TimeZone.country_zones(country_code) looks up the country's time zones by its two-letter ISO3166 country code, e.g.

    >> ActiveSupport::TimeZone.country_zones(:jp).map(&:to_s)
    => ["(GMT+09:00) Osaka"]
    >> ActiveSupport::TimeZone.country_zones(:uy).map(&:to_s)
    => ["(GMT-03:00) Montevideo"]

    Andrey Novikov

  • Array#sum compat with Ruby 2.4's native method.

    Ruby 2.4 introduces Array#sum, but it only supports numeric elements, breaking our Enumerable#sum which supports arbitrary Object#+. To fix, override Array#sum with our compatible implementation.

    Native Ruby 2.4:

    %w[ a b ].sum
    # => TypeError: String can't be coerced into Fixnum

    With Enumerable#sum shim:

    %w[ a b ].sum
    # => 'ab'

    We tried shimming the fast path and falling back to the compatible path if it fails, but that ends up slower even in simple cases due to the cost of exception handling. Our only choice is to override the native Array#sum with our Enumerable#sum.

    Jeremy Daer

  • ActiveSupport::Duration supports ISO8601 formatting and parsing.

    # => 3 years, 6 months, 4 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 5 seconds
    (3.years + 3.days).iso8601
    # => "P3Y3D"

    Inspired by Arnau Siches' ISO8601 gem and rewritten by Andrey Novikov with suggestions from Andrew White. Test data from the ISO8601 gem redistributed under MIT license.

    (Will be used to support the PostgreSQL interval data type.)

    Andrey Novikov, Arnau Siches, Andrew White

  • Cache#fetch(key, force: true) forces a cache miss, so it must be called with a block to provide a new value to cache. Fetching with force: true but without a block now raises ArgumentError.

    cache.fetch('key', force: true) # => ArgumentError

    Santosh Wadghule

  • Fix behavior of JSON encoding for Exception.


  • Make number_to_phone format number with regexp pattern.

    number_to_phone(18812345678, pattern: /(\d{3})(\d{4})(\d{4})/)
    # => 188-1234-5678

    Pan Gaoyong

  • Match String#to_time's behaviour to that of ruby's implementation for edge cases.

    nil is now returned instead of the current date if the string provided does contain time information, but none that is used to build the Time object.

    Fixes #22958.

    Siim Liiser

  • Rely on the native DateTime#<=> implementation to handle non-datetime like objects instead of returning nil ourselves. This restores the ability of DateTime instances to be compared with a Numeric that represents an astronomical julian day number.

    Fixes #24228.

    Andrew White

  • Add String#upcase_first method.

    Glauco Custódio, bogdanvlviv

  • Prevent Marshal.load from looping infinitely when trying to autoload a constant which resolves to a different name.

    Olek Janiszewski

  • Deprecate Module.local_constants. Please use Module.constants(false) instead.

    Yuichiro Kaneko

  • Publish ActiveSupport::Executor and ActiveSupport::Reloader APIs to allow components and libraries to manage, and participate in, the execution of application code, and the application reloading process.

    Matthew Draper

Rails 5.0.0.beta3 (February 24, 2016)

  • Deprecate arguments on assert_nothing_raised.

    assert_nothing_raised does not assert the arguments that have been passed in (usually a specific exception class) since the method only yields the block. So as not to confuse the users that the arguments have meaning, they are being deprecated.

    Tara Scherner de la Fuente

  • Make benchmark('something', silence: true) actually work.


  • Add #on_weekday? method to Date, Time, and DateTime.

    #on_weekday? returns true if the receiving date/time does not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Vipul A M

  • Add Array#second_to_last and Array#third_to_last methods.

    Brian Christian

  • Fix regression in Hash#dig for HashWithIndifferentAccess.

    Jon Moss

Rails 5.0.0.beta2 (February 01, 2016)

  • Change number_to_currency behavior for checking negativity.

    Used to_f.negative instead of using to_f.phase for checking negativity of a number in number_to_currency helper. This change works same for all cases except when number is "-0.0".

    -0.0.to_f.negative? => false
    -0.0.to_f.phase? => 3.14

    This change reverts changes from But it should be acceptable as we could not find any currency which supports negative zeros.

    Prathamesh Sonpatki, Rafael Mendonça França

  • Match HashWithIndifferentAccess#default's behaviour with Hash#default.

    David Cornu

  • Adds :exception_object key to ActiveSupport::Notifications::Instrumenter payload when an exception is raised.

    Adds new key/value pair to payload when an exception is raised: e.g. :exception_object => #<RuntimeError: FAIL>.

    Ryan T. Hosford

  • Support extended grapheme clusters and UAX 29.

    Adam Roben

  • Add petabyte and exabyte numeric conversion.

    Akshay Vishnoi

Rails 5.0.0.beta1 (December 18, 2015)

  • Add thread_m/cattr_accessor/reader/writer suite of methods for declaring class and module variables that live per-thread. This makes it easy to declare per-thread globals that are encapsulated. Note: This is a sharp edge. A wild proliferation of globals is A Bad Thing. But like other sharp tools, when it's right, it's right.

    Here's an example of a simple event tracking system where the object being tracked needs not pass a creator that it doesn't need itself along:

    module Current
      thread_mattr_accessor :account
      thread_mattr_accessor :user
      def self.reset() self.account = self.user = nil end
    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      before_action :set_current
      after_action { Current.reset }
        def set_current
          Current.account = Account.find(params[:account_id])
          Current.user    = Current.account.users.find(params[:user_id])
    class MessagesController < ApplicationController
      def create
        @message = Message.create!(message_params)
    class Message < ApplicationRecord
      has_many :events
      after_create :track_created
        def track_created
          events.create! origin: self, action: :create
    class Event < ApplicationRecord
      belongs_to :creator, class_name: 'User'
      before_validation { self.creator ||= Current.user }


  • Deprecated Module#qualified_const_ in favour of the builtin Module#const_ methods.

    Genadi Samokovarov

  • Deprecate passing string to define callback.

    Yuichiro Kaneko

  • ActiveSupport::Cache::Store#namespaced_key, ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCachedStore#escape_key, and ActiveSupport::Cache::FileStore#key_file_path are deprecated and replaced with normalize_key that now calls super.

    ActiveSupport::Cache::LocaleCache#set_cache_value is deprecated and replaced with write_cache_value.

    Michael Grosser

  • Implements an evented file watcher to asynchronously detect changes in the application source code, routes, locales, etc.

    This watcher is disabled by default, applications my enable it in the configuration:

    # config/environments/development.rb
    config.file_watcher = ActiveSupport::EventedFileUpdateChecker

    This feature depends on the listen gem:

    group :development do
      gem 'listen', '~> 3.0.5'

    Puneet Agarwal and Xavier Noria

  • Added Time.days_in_year to return the number of days in the given year, or the current year if no argument is provided.

    Jon Pascoe

  • Updated parameterize to preserve the case of a string, optionally.


    parameterize("Donald E. Knuth", separator: '_') # => "donald_e_knuth"
    parameterize("Donald E. Knuth", preserve_case: true) # => "Donald-E-Knuth"

    Swaathi Kakarla

  • respects the default value or proc on objects that respond to #to_hash. .new_from_hash_copying_default simply invokes .new. All calls to .new_from_hash_copying_default are replaced with .new.

    Gordon Chan

  • Change Integer#year to return a Fixnum instead of a Float to improve consistency.

    Integer#years returned a Float while the rest of the accompanying methods (days, weeks, months, etc.) return a Fixnum.


    1.year # => 31557600.0


    1.year # => 31557600

    Konstantinos Rousis

  • Handle invalid UTF-8 strings when HTML escaping.

    Use ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Unicode.tidy_bytes to handle invalid UTF-8 strings in ERB::Util.unwrapped_html_escape and ERB::Util.html_escape_once. Prevents user-entered input passed from a querystring into a form field from causing invalid byte sequence errors.

    Grey Baker

  • Update ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Chars#slice! to return nil if the arguments are out of bounds, to mirror the behavior of String#slice!

    Gourav Tiwari

  • Fix number_to_human so that 999999999 rounds to "1 Billion" instead of "1000 Million".

    Max Jacobson

  • Fix ActiveSupport::Deprecation#deprecate_methods to report using the current deprecator instance, where applicable.

    Brandon Dunne

  • Cache#fetch instrumentation marks whether it was a :hit.

    Robin Clowers

  • assert_difference and assert_no_difference now returns the result of the yielded block.


    post = assert_difference -> { Post.count }, 1 do Post.create end

    Lucas Mazza

  • Short-circuit blank? on date and time values since they are never blank.

    Fixes #21657.

    Andrew White

  • Replaced deprecated ThreadSafe::Cache with its successor Concurrent::Map now that the thread_safe gem has been merged into concurrent-ruby.

    Jerry D'Antonio

  • Updated Unicode version to 8.0.0

    Anshul Sharma

  • number_to_currency and number_with_delimiter now accept custom delimiter_pattern option to handle placement of delimiter, to support currency formats like INR


    number_to_currency(1230000, delimiter_pattern: /(\d+?)(?=(\d\d)+(\d)(?!\d))/, unit: '₹', format: "%u %n")
    # => '₹ 12,30,000.00'

    Vipul A M

  • Deprecate :prefix option of number_to_human_size with no replacement.

    Jean Boussier

  • Fix TimeWithZone#eql? to properly handle TimeWithZone created from DateTime: twz = twz.eql?(twz.dup) => true

    Fixes #14178.

    Roque Pinel

  • ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess select and reject will now return enumerator if called without block.

    Fixes #20095.

    Bernard Potocki

  • Removed ActiveSupport::Concurrency::Latch, superseded by Concurrent::CountDownLatch from the concurrent-ruby gem.

    Jerry D'Antonio

  • Fix not calling #default on HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_hash when only default_proc is set, which could raise.

    Simon Eskildsen

  • Fix setting default_proc on HashWithIndifferentAccess#dup.

    Simon Eskildsen

  • Fix a range of values for parameters of the Time#change.

    Nikolay Kondratyev

  • Add Enumerable#pluck to get the same values from arrays as from ActiveRecord associations.

    Fixes #20339.

    Kevin Deisz

  • Add a bang version to ActiveSupport::OrderedOptions get methods which will raise an KeyError if the value is .blank?.


    if (slack_url = Rails.application.secrets.slack_url).present?
      # Do something worthwhile
      # Raise as important secret password is not specified


    slack_url = Rails.application.secrets.slack_url!

    Aditya Sanghi, Gaurish Sharma

  • Remove deprecated Class#superclass_delegating_accessor. Use Class#class_attribute instead.

    Akshay Vishnoi

  • Patch Delegator to work with #try.

    Fixes #5790.

    Nate Smith

  • Add Integer#positive? and Integer#negative? query methods in the vein of Fixnum#zero?.

    This makes it nicer to do things like


  • Encoding ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone to YAML now preserves the timezone information.

    Fixes #9183.

    Andrew White

  • Added ActiveSupport::TimeZone#strptime to allow parsing times as if from a given timezone.

    Paul A Jungwirth

  • ActiveSupport::Callbacks#skip_callback now raises an ArgumentError if an unrecognized callback is removed.

    Iain Beeston

  • Added ActiveSupport::ArrayInquirer and Array#inquiry.

    Wrapping an array in an ArrayInquirer gives a friendlier way to check its contents:

    variants =[:phone, :tablet])    # => true
    variants.tablet?   # => true
    variants.desktop?  # => false
    variants.any?(:phone, :tablet)   # => true
    variants.any?(:phone, :desktop)  # => true
    variants.any?(:desktop, :watch)  # => false

    Array#inquiry is a shortcut for wrapping the receiving array in an ArrayInquirer.

    George Claghorn

  • Deprecate alias_method_chain in favour of Module#prepend introduced in Ruby 2.0.

    Kir Shatrov

  • Added #without on Enumerable and Array to return a copy of an enumerable without the specified elements.

    Todd Bealmear

  • Fixed a problem where String#truncate_words would get stuck with a complex string.

    Henrik Nygren

  • Fixed a roundtrip problem with AS::SafeBuffer where primitive-like strings will be dumped as primitives:


    YAML.load"Hello").to_yaml  # => "Hello"
    YAML.load"true").to_yaml   # => true
    YAML.load"false").to_yaml  # => false
    YAML.load"1").to_yaml      # => 1
    YAML.load"1.1").to_yaml    # => 1.1


    YAML.load"Hello").to_yaml  # => "Hello"
    YAML.load"true").to_yaml   # => "true"
    YAML.load"false").to_yaml  # => "false"
    YAML.load"1").to_yaml      # => "1"
    YAML.load"1.1").to_yaml    # => "1.1"

    Godfrey Chan

  • Enable number_to_percentage to keep the number's precision by allowing :precision to be nil.

    Jack Xu

  • config_accessor became a private method, as with Ruby's attr_accessor.

    Akira Matsuda

  • AS::Testing::TimeHelpers#travel_to now changes as well as and

    Yuki Nishijima

  • Add file_fixture to ActiveSupport::TestCase. It provides a simple mechanism to access sample files in your test cases.

    By default file fixtures are stored in test/fixtures/files. This can be configured per test-case using the file_fixture_path class attribute.

    Yves Senn

  • Return value of yielded block in File.atomic_write.

    Ian Ker-Seymer

  • Duplicate frozen array when assigning it to a HashWithIndifferentAccess so that it doesn't raise a RuntimeError when calling map! on it in convert_value.

    Fixes #18550.

    Aditya Kapoor

  • Add missing time zone definitions for Russian Federation and sync them with file from tzdata version 2014j (latest).

    Andrey Novikov

  • Add SecureRandom.base58 for generation of random base58 strings.

    Matthew Draper, Guillermo Iguaran

  • Add #prev_day and #next_day counterparts to #yesterday and #tomorrow for Date, Time, and DateTime.

    George Claghorn

  • Add same_time option to #next_week and #prev_week for Date, Time, and DateTime.

    George Claghorn

  • Add #on_weekend?, #next_weekday, #prev_weekday methods to Date, Time, and DateTime.

    #on_weekend? returns true if the receiving date/time falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

    #next_weekday returns a new date/time representing the next day that does not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

    #prev_weekday returns a new date/time representing the previous day that does not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

    George Claghorn

  • Change the default test order from :sorted to :random.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding::CircularReferenceError.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated methods ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding.encode_big_decimal_as_string= and ActiveSupport::JSON::Encoding.encode_big_decimal_as_string.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer#prepend.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated methods at Kernel.

    silence_stderr, silence_stream, capture and quietly.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated active_support/core_ext/big_decimal/yaml_conversions file.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated methods ActiveSupport::Cache::Store.instrument and ActiveSupport::Cache::Store.instrument=.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Change the way in which callback chains can be halted.

    The preferred method to halt a callback chain from now on is to explicitly throw(:abort). In the past, callbacks could only be halted by explicitly providing a terminator and by having a callback match the conditions of the terminator.

  • Add ActiveSupport.halt_callback_chains_on_return_false

    Setting ActiveSupport.halt_callback_chains_on_return_false to true will let an app support the deprecated way of halting Active Record, and Active Model callback chains by returning false.

    Setting the value to false will tell the app to ignore any false value returned by those callbacks, and only halt the chain upon throw(:abort).

    When the configuration option is missing, its value is true, so older apps ported to Rails 5.0 will not break (but display a deprecation warning). For new Rails 5.0 apps, its value is set to false in an initializer, so these apps will support the new behavior by default.

    claudiob, Roque Pinel

  • Changes arguments and default value of CallbackChain's :terminator option

    Chains of callbacks defined without an explicit :terminator option will now be halted as soon as a before_ callback throws :abort.

    Chains of callbacks defined with a :terminator option will maintain their existing behavior of halting as soon as a before_ callback matches the terminator's expectation.


  • Deprecate MissingSourceFile in favor of LoadError.

    MissingSourceFile was just an alias to LoadError and was not being raised inside the framework.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Add support for error dispatcher classes in ActiveSupport::Rescuable. Now it acts closer to Ruby's rescue.


    class BaseController < ApplicationController
      module ErrorDispatcher
        def self.===(other)
          Exception === other && other.respond_to?(:status)
      rescue_from ErrorDispatcher do |error|
        render status: error.status, json: { error: error.to_s }

    Genadi Samokovarov

  • Add #verified and #valid_message? methods to ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier

    Previously, the only way to decode a message with ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier was to use #verify, which would raise an exception on invalid messages. Now #verified can also be used, which returns nil on messages that cannot be decoded.

    Previously, there was no way to check if a message's format was valid without attempting to decode it. #valid_message? is a boolean convenience method that checks whether the message is valid without actually decoding it.

    Logan Leger

Please check 4-2-stable for previous changes.

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