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  • RedisCacheStore: support key expiry in increment/decrement.

    Pass :expires_in to #increment and #decrement to set a Redis EXPIRE on the key.

    If the key is already set to expire, RedisCacheStore won't extend its expiry.

    Rails.cache.increment("some_key", 1, expires_in: 2.minutes)

    Jason Lee

  • Allow Range#=== and Range#cover? on Range

    Range#cover? can now accept a range argument like Range#include? and Range#===. Range#=== works correctly on Ruby 2.6. Range#include? is moved into a new file, with these two methods.

    Requiring active_support/core_ext/range/include_range is now deprecated. Use require "active_support/core_ext/range/compare_range" instead.


  • Add index_with to Enumerable.

    Allows creating a hash from an enumerable with the value from a passed block or a default argument.

    %i( title body ).index_with { |attr| post.public_send(attr) }
    # => { title: "hey", body: "what's up?" }
    %i( title body ).index_with(nil)
    # => { title: nil, body: nil }

    Closely linked with index_by, which creates a hash where the keys are extracted from a block.

    Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Fix bug where ActiveSupport::Timezone.all would fail when tzinfo data for any timezone defined in ActiveSupport::TimeZone::MAPPING is missing.

    Dominik Sander

  • Redis cache store: delete_matched no longer blocks the Redis server. (Switches from evaled Lua to a batched SCAN + DEL loop.)

    Gleb Mazovetskiy

  • Fix bug where ActiveSupport::Cache will massively inflate the storage size when compression is enabled (which is true by default). This patch does not attempt to repair existing data: please manually flush the cache to clear out the problematic entries.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Fix bug where URI.unscape would fail with mixed Unicode/escaped character input:

    URI.unescape("\xe3\x83\x90")  # => "バ"
    URI.unescape("%E3%83%90")  # => "バ"
    URI.unescape("\xe3\x83\x90%E3%83%90")  # => Encoding::CompatibilityError

    Ashe Connor, Aaron Patterson

  • Add before? and after? methods to Date, DateTime, Time, and TimeWithZone.

    Nick Holden

  • ActiveSupport::Inflector#ordinal and ActiveSupport::Inflector#ordinalize now support translations through I18n.

    # locale/fr.rb
      fr: {
        number: {
          nth: {
            ordinals: lambda do |_key, number:, **_options|
              if number.to_i.abs == 1
            ordinalized: lambda do |_key, number:, **_options|

    Christian Blais

  • Add :private option to ActiveSupport's Module#delegate in order to delegate methods as private:

    class User < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :profile
      delegate :date_of_birth, to: :profile, private: true
      def age - date_of_birth.year
    #  # => 29
    # => NoMethodError: private method `date_of_birth' called for #<User:0x00000008221340>

    Tomas Valent

  • String#truncate_bytes to truncate a string to a maximum bytesize without breaking multibyte characters or grapheme clusters like 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦.

    Jeremy Daer

  • String#strip_heredoc preserves frozenness.

    "foo".freeze.strip_heredoc.frozen?  # => true

    Fixes that frozen string literals would inadvertently become unfrozen:

    # frozen_string_literal: true
    foo = <<-MSG.strip_heredoc
      la la la
    foo.frozen?  # => false !??

    Jeremy Daer

  • Rails 6 requires Ruby 2.4.1 or newer.

    Jeremy Daer

  • Adds parallel testing to Rails.

    Parallelize your test suite with forked processes or threads.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle, Aaron Patterson

Please check 5-2-stable for previous changes.