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  • Support environment specific credentials file.

    For production environment look first for config/credentials/production.yml.enc file that can be decrypted by ENV["RAILS_MASTER_KEY"] or config/credentials/production.key master key. Edit given environment credentials file by command rails credentials:edit --environment production. Default paths can be overwritten by setting config.credentials.content_path and config.credentials.key_path.

    Wojciech Wnętrzak

  • Make ActiveSupport::Cache::NullStore the default cache store in the test environment.

    Michael C. Nelson

  • Emit warning for unknown inflection rule when generating model.

    Yoshiyuki Kinjo

  • Add --migrations_paths option to migration generator.

    If you're using multiple databases and have a folder for each database for migrations (ex db/migrate and db/new_db_migrate) you can now pass the --migrations_paths option to the generator to make sure the the migration is inserted into the correct folder.

    rails g migration CreateHouses --migrations_paths=db/kingston_migrate
      invoke  active_record
      create    db/kingston_migrate/20180830151055_create_houses.rb

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • Deprecate rake routes in favor of rails routes.

    Yuji Yaginuma

  • Deprecate rake initializers in favor of rails initializers.

    Annie-Claude Côté

  • Deprecate rake dev:cache in favor of rails dev:cache.

    Annie-Claude Côté

  • Deprecate rails notes subcommands in favor of passing an annotations argument to rails notes.

    The following subcommands are replaced by passing --annotations or -a to rails notes:

    • rails notes:custom ANNOTATION=custom is deprecated in favor of using rails notes -a custom.
    • rails notes:optimize is deprecated in favor of using rails notes -a OPTIMIZE.
    • rails notes:todo is deprecated in favor of usingrails notes -a TODO.
    • rails notes:fixme is deprecated in favor of using rails notes -a FIXME.

    Annie-Claude Côté

  • Deprecate SOURCE_ANNOTATION_DIRECTORIES environment variable used by rails notes through Rails::SourceAnnotationExtractor::Annotation in favor of using config.annotations.register_directories.

    Annie-Claude Côté

  • Deprecate rake notes in favor of rails notes.

    Annie-Claude Côté

  • Don't generate unused files in app:update task.

    Skip the assets' initializer when sprockets isn't loaded.

    Skip config/spring.rb when spring isn't loaded.

    Skip yarn's contents when yarn integration isn't used.

    Tsukuru Tanimichi

  • Make the master.key file read-only for the owner upon generation on POSIX-compliant systems.


    $ ls -l config/master.key
    -rw-r--r--   1 owner  group      32 Jan 1 00:00 master.key


    $ ls -l config/master.key
    -rw-------   1 owner  group      32 Jan 1 00:00 master.key

    Fixes #32604.

    Jose Luis Duran

  • Deprecate support for using the HOST environment to specify the server IP.

    The BINDING environment should be used instead.

    Fixes #29516.

    Yuji Yaginuma

  • Deprecate passing Rack server name as a regular argument to rails server.


    $ bin/rails server thin

    There wasn't an explicit option for the Rack server to use, now we have the --using option with the -u short switch.


    $ bin/rails server -u thin

    This change also improves the error message if a missing or mistyped rack server is given.

    Genadi Samokovarov

  • Add "rails routes --expanded" option to output routes in expanded mode like "psql --expanded". Result looks like:

    $ rails routes --expanded
    --[ Route 1 ]------------------------------------------------------------
    Prefix            | high_scores
    Verb              | GET
    URI               | /high_scores(.:format)
    Controller#Action | high_scores#index
    --[ Route 2 ]------------------------------------------------------------
    Prefix            | new_high_score
    Verb              | GET
    URI               | /high_scores/new(.:format)
    Controller#Action | high_scores#new

    Benoit Tigeot

  • Rails 6 requires Ruby 2.4.1 or newer.

    Jeremy Daer

Please check 5-2-stable for previous changes.