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require 'active_support/deprecation'
require 'active_support/core_ext/string/strip' # for strip_heredoc
require 'optparse'
desc 'Print out all defined routes in match order, with names. Target specific controller with -c option, or grep routes using -g option'
task routes: :environment do
all_routes = Rails.application.routes.routes
require 'action_dispatch/routing/inspector'
inspector =
if ARGV.any?{ |argv| argv.start_with? 'CONTROLLER' }
puts <<-eow.strip_heredoc
Passing `CONTROLLER` to `bin/rails routes` is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 5.1.
Please use `bin/rails routes -c controller_name` instead.
routes_filter = nil
routes_filter = { controller: ENV['CONTROLLER'] } if ENV['CONTROLLER'] do |opts|
opts.banner = "Usage: rails routes [options]"
Rake.application.standard_rake_options.each { |args| opts.on(*args) }
opts.on("-c CONTROLLER") do |controller|
routes_filter = { controller: controller }
opts.on("-g PATTERN") do |pattern|
routes_filter = pattern
end.parse!(ARGV.reject { |x| x == "routes" })
puts inspector.format(, routes_filter)
exit 0 # ensure extra arguments aren't interpreted as Rake tasks