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# The values :model, :attribute and :value are always available for interpolation
# The value :count is available when applicable. Can be used for pluralization.
inclusion: "is not included in the list"
exclusion: "is reserved"
invalid: "is invalid"
confirmation: "doesn't match confirmation"
accepted: "must be accepted"
empty: "can't be empty"
blank: "can't be blank"
too_long: "is too long (maximum is {{count}} characters)"
too_short: "is too short (minimum is {{count}} characters)"
wrong_length: "is the wrong length (should be {{count}} characters)"
taken: "has already been taken"
not_a_number: "is not a number"
greater_than: "must be greater than {{count}}"
greater_than_or_equal_to: "must be greater than or equal to {{count}}"
equal_to: "must be equal to {{count}}"
less_than: "must be less than {{count}}"
less_than_or_equal_to: "must be less than or equal to {{count}}"
odd: "must be odd"
even: "must be even"
record_invalid: "Validation failed: {{errors}}"
# Append your own errors here or at the model/attributes scope.
format: "{{attribute}} {{message}}"
# You can define own errors for models or model attributes.
# The values :model, :attribute and :value are always available for interpolation.
# For example,
# models:
# user:
# blank: "This is a custom blank message for {{model}}: {{attribute}}"
# attributes:
# login:
# blank: "This is a custom blank message for User login"
# Will define custom blank validation message for User model and
# custom blank validation message for login attribute of User model.
# Translate model names. Used in Model.human_name().
# For example,
# user: "Dude"
# will translate User model name to "Dude"
# Translate model attribute names. Used in Model.human_attribute_name(attribute).
# For example,
# user:
# login: "Handle"
# will translate User attribute "login" as "Handle"
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