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# site_config.rb contains examples of various configuration options for the local installation
# of CruiseControl.rb.
# ------------------
# CruiseControl.rb can notify you about build status via email. It uses ActionMailer component of Ruby on Rails
# framework. Obviously, ActionMailer needs to know how to send out email messages.
# If you have an SMTP server on your network, and it needs no authentication, write this in your site_config.rb:
ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
:address => "localhost",
:domain => "",
# If you have no SMTP server at hand, you can configure email notification to use GMail SMTP server, as follows
# (of course, you'll need to create a GMail account):
# ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
# :address => "",
# :port => 587,
# :domain => "",
# :authentication => :plain,
# :user_name => "yourgmailaccount",
# :password => "yourgmailpassword"
# }
# The same approach works for other SMTP servers thet require authentication. Note that GMail's SMTP server runs on a
# non-standard port 587 (standard port for SMTP is 25).
# For further details about configuration of outgoing email, see Ruby On Rails documentation for ActionMailer::Base.
# Other site-wide options are available through Configuration class:
# Change how often CC.rb pings Subversion for new requests. Default is 10.seconds, which should be OK for a local
# SVN repository, but probably isn't very polite for a public repository, such as RubyForge. This can also be set for
# each project individually, through project.scheduler.polling_interval option:
# Configuration.default_polling_interval = 1.minute
# How often the dashboard page refreshes itself. If you have more than 10-20 dashboards open,
# it is advisable to set it to something higher than the default 5 seconds:
Configuration.dashboard_refresh_interval = 60.seconds
# Site-wide setting for the email "from" field. This can also be set on per-project basis,
# through attribute
Configuration.email_from = ''
# Root URL of the dashboard application. Setting this attribute allows various notifiers to include a link to the
# build page in the notification message.
Configuration.dashboard_url = ''
# If you don't want to allow triggering builds through dashboard Build Now button. Useful when you host CC.rb as a
# public web site (such as - try clicking on Build Now button there
# and see what happens):
# Configuration.disable_build_now = true
# If you want to only allow one project to build at a time, uncomment this line
# by default, cruise allows multiple projects to build at a time
Configuration.serialize_builds = true
# Amount of time a project will wait to build before failing when build serialization is on
Configuration.serialized_build_timeout = 3.hours
# To delete build when there are more than a certain number present, uncomment this line - it will make the dashboard
# perform better
BuildReaper.number_of_builds_to_keep = 100
# any files that you'd like to override in cruise, keep in ~/.cruise, and copy over when this file is loaded like this
site_css = CRUISE_DATA_ROOT + "/site.css"
FileUtils.cp site_css, Rails.root + "/public/stylesheets/site.css" if File.exists? site_css
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