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# encoding: utf-8
require 'active_support/core_ext/module/attribute_accessors'
module ActiveSupport #:nodoc:
module Multibyte
autoload :EncodingError, 'active_support/multibyte/exceptions'
autoload :Chars, 'active_support/multibyte/chars'
autoload :Unicode, 'active_support/multibyte/unicode'
# The proxy class returned when calling mb_chars. You can use this accessor to configure your own proxy
# class so you can support other encodings. See the ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Chars implementation for
# an example how to do this.
# Example:
# ActiveSupport::Multibyte.proxy_class = CharsForUTF32
def self.proxy_class=(klass)
@proxy_class = klass
# Returns the current proxy class
def self.proxy_class
@proxy_class ||= ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Chars
# Regular expressions that describe valid byte sequences for a character
# Borrowed from the Kconv library by Shinji KONO - (also as seen on the W3C site)
'UTF-8' => /\A(?:
[\x00-\x7f] |
[\xc2-\xdf] [\x80-\xbf] |
\xe0 [\xa0-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] |
[\xe1-\xef] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] |
\xf0 [\x90-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] |
[\xf1-\xf3] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf] |
\xf4 [\x80-\x8f] [\x80-\xbf] [\x80-\xbf])\z /xn,
# Quick check for valid Shift-JIS characters, disregards the odd-even pairing
'Shift_JIS' => /\A(?:
[\x00-\x7e\xa1-\xdf] |
[\x81-\x9f\xe0-\xef] [\x40-\x7e\x80-\x9e\x9f-\xfc])\z /xn
require 'active_support/multibyte/utils'
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