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Rails 3.1.1 (October 7, 2011)

  • ruby193: String#prepend is also unsafe Akira Matsuda

  • Fix obviously breakage of Time.=== for Time subclasses jeremyevans

  • Added fix so that file store does not raise an exception when cache dir does not exist yet. This can happen if a delete_matched is called before anything is saved in the cache. Philippe Huibonhoa

  • Fixed performance issue where TimeZone lookups would require tzinfo each time Tim Lucas

  • ActiveSupport::OrderedHash is now marked as extractable when using Array#extract_options! Prem Sichanugrist

Rails 3.1.0 (August 30, 2011)

  • ActiveSupport::Dependencies#load and ActiveSupport::Dependencies#require now return the value from super Aaron Patterson

  • Fixed ActiveSupport::Gzip to work properly in Ruby 1.8 Guillermo Iguaran

  • Kernel.require_library_or_gem was deprecated and will be removed in Rails 3.2.0 Josh Kalderimis

  • ActiveSupport::Duration#duplicable? was fixed for Ruby 1.8 thedarkone

  • ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger set log encoding to BINARY, but still use text mode to output portable newlines. fxn

  • ActiveSupport::Dependencies now raises NameError if it finds an existing constant in load_missing_constant. This better reflects the nature of the error which is usually caused by calling constantize on a nested constant. Andrew White

  • Deprecated ActiveSupport::SecureRandom in favour of SecureRandom from the standard library Jon Leighton

  • New reporting method Kernel#quietly. fxn

  • Add String#inquiry as a convenience method for turning a string into a StringInquirer object DHH

  • Add Object#in? to test if an object is included in another object Prem Sichanugrist, Brian Morearty, John Reitano

  • LocalCache strategy is now a real middleware class, not an anonymous class posing for pictures.

  • ActiveSupport::Dependencies::ClassCache class has been introduced for holding references to reloadable classes.

  • ActiveSupport::Dependencies::Reference has been refactored to take direct advantage of the new ClassCache.

  • Backports Range#cover? as an alias for Range#include? in Ruby 1.8 Diego Carrion, fxn

  • Added weeks_ago and prev_week to Date/DateTime/Time. Rob Zolkos, fxn

  • Added before_remove_const callback to ActiveSupport::Dependencies.remove_unloadable_constants! Andrew White

  • JSON decoding now uses the multi_json gem which also vendors a json engine called OkJson. The yaml backend has been removed in favor of OkJson as a default engine for 1.8.x, while the built in 1.9.x json implementation will be used by default. Josh Kalderimis

Rails 3.0.7 (April 18, 2011)

  • Hash.from_xml no longer loses attributes on tags containing only whitespace André Arko

  • Rails 3.0.6 (April 5, 2011)

  • No changes.

Rails 3.0.5 (February 26, 2011)

  • No changes.

Rails 3.0.4 (February 8, 2011)

  • No changes.

Rails 3.0.3 (November 16, 2010)

  • No changes.

Rails 3.0.2 (November 15, 2010)

  • Added before_remove_const callback to ActiveSupport::Dependencies.remove_unloadable_constants! Andrew White

Rails 3.0.1 (October 15, 2010)

  • No Changes, just a version bump.

Rails 3.0.0 (August 29, 2010)

  • Implemented String#strip_heredoc. fxn

  • Pluggable cache stores: setting config.cache_store = "custom_store" will require 'active_support/cache/custom_store' and look for the CustomStore constant. #5486 Mike Perham

  • Removed Object#returning, Object#tap should be used instead. Santiago Pastorino

  • Deprecation behavior is no longer hardcoded to the name of the environment. Instead, it is set via config.active_support.deprecation and can be one of :log, :stderr or :notify. :notify is a new style that sends the warning via ActiveSupport::Notifications, and is the new default for production Yehuda Katz

  • Renamed ActiveSupport::Dependecies.load_(once_)paths to autoload_(once_)paths. fxn

  • Added ActiveSupport::FileUpdateChecker to execute a block only if a set of files changed, used by Router and I18n locale files. José Valim

  • Added ActiveSupport::DescendantsTracker to track descendants with support to constants reloading. José Valim

  • ActiveSupport::OrderedHash#merge and #merge! accept a block. #4838 Paul Mucur, fxn

  • Date#since, #ago, #beginning_of_day, #end_of_day, and #xmlschema honor now the user time zone if set. Geoff Buesing

  • Extracted String#truncate from TextHelper#truncate DHH

  • Ruby 1.9: support UTF-8 case folding. #4595 Norman Clarke

  • Removes Array#rand and backports Array#sample from Ruby 1.9, thanks to Marc-Andre Lafortune. fxn

  • Ruby 1.9: Renames last_(month|year) to prev_(month|year) in Date and Time. fxn

  • Aliases Date#sunday to Date#end_of_week. fxn

  • Backports Date#>> from 1.9 so that calculations do the right thing around the calendar reform. fxn

  • Date#to_time handles properly years in the range 0..138. fxn

  • Deprecate {{}} as interpolation syntax for I18n in favor of %{} José Valim

  • Array#to_xml is more powerful and able to handle the same types as Hash#to_xml #4490 Neeraj Singh

  • Harmonize the caching API and refactor the backends. #4452 Brian Durand All caches:

    • Add default options to initializer that will be sent to all read, write, fetch, exist?, increment, and decrement
    • Add support for the :expires_in option to fetch and write for all caches. Cache entries are stored with the create timestamp and a ttl so that expiration can be handled independently of the implementation.
    • Add support for a :namespace option. This can be used to set a global prefix for cache entries.
    • Deprecate expand_cache_key on ActiveSupport::Cache and move it to ActionController::Caching and ActionDispatch::Http::Cache since the logic in the method used some Rails specific environment variables and was only used by ActionPack classes. Not very DRY but there didn't seem to be a good shared spot and ActiveSupport really shouldn't be Rails specific.
    • Add support for :race_condition_ttl to fetch. This setting can prevent race conditions on fetch calls where several processes try to regenerate a recently expired entry at once.
    • Add support for :compress option to fetch and write which will compress any data over a configurable threshold.
    • Nil values can now be stored in the cache and are distinct from cache misses for fetch.
    • Easier API to create new implementations. Just need to implement the methods read_entry, write_entry, and delete_entry instead of overwriting existing methods.
    • Since all cache implementations support storing objects, update the docs to state that ActiveCache::Cache::Store implementations should store objects. Keys, however, must be strings since some implementations require that.
    • Increase test coverage.
    • Document methods which are provided as convenience but which may not be universally available.


    • MemoryStore can now safely be used as the cache for single server sites.
    • Make thread safe so that the default cache implementation used by Rails is thread safe. The overhead is minimal and it is still the fastest store available.
    • Provide :size initialization option indicating the maximum size of the cache in memory (defaults to 32Mb).
    • Add prune logic that removes the least recently used cache entries to keep the cache size from exceeding the max.
    • Deprecated SynchronizedMemoryStore since it isn't needed anymore.


    • Escape key values so they will work as file names on all file systems, be consistent, and case sensitive
    • Use a hash algorithm to segment the cache into sub directories so that a large cache doesn't exceed file system limits.
    • FileStore can be slow so implement the LocalCache strategy to cache reads for the duration of a request.
    • Add cleanup method to keep the disk from filling up with expired entries.
    • Fix increment and decrement to use file system locks so they are consistent between processes.


    • Support all keys. Previously keys with spaces in them would fail
    • Deprecate CompressedMemCacheStore since it isn't needed anymore (use :compress => true)
  • JSON: encode objects that don't have a native JSON representation using to_hash, if available, instead of instance_values (the old fallback) or to_s (other encoders' default). Encode BigDecimal and Regexp encode as strings to conform with other encoders. Try to transcode non-UTF-8 strings. Jeremy Kemper

  • HashWithIndifferentAccess: remove inherited symbolize_keys! since its keys are always strings. Santiago Pastorino

  • Improve transliteration quality. #4374 Norman Clarke

  • Speed up and add Ruby 1.9 support for ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Chars#tidy_bytes. #4350 Norman Clarke

  • Reduced load time by deferring configuration of classes using ActiveSupport::on_load(:component_name) YK

  • Rename #metaclass to #singleton_class now that ruby-core has decided JK

  • New assertions assert_blank and assert_present. #4299 Juanjo Bazan

  • Use Object#singleton_class instead of #metaclass. Prefer Ruby's choice. Jeremy Kemper

  • JSON backend for YAJL. Preferred if available. #2666 Brian Lopez

  • Introduce class_attribute to declare inheritable class attributes. Writing an attribute on a subclass behaves just like overriding the superclass reader method. Unifies and replaces most usage of cattr_accessor, class_inheritable_attribute, superclass_delegating_attribute, and extlib_inheritable_attribute. Jeremy Kemper, Yehuda Katz

  • Time#- with a DateTime argument behaves the same as with a Time argument, i.e. returns the difference between self and arg as a Float #3476 Geoff Buesing

  • YAML serialization for OrderedHash. #3608 Gregor Schmidt

  • Update bundled TZInfo to v0.3.16 Geoff Buesing

  • Georgetown TimeZone is now mapped to "America/Guyana" instead of "America/Argentina/San_Juan" #1821 Geoff Buesing, Reuben Sivan

  • Changed the default ActiveSupport.use_standard_json_time_format from false to true and ActiveSupport.escape_html_entities_in_json from true to false to match previously announced Rails 3 defaults DHH

  • Added Object#presence that returns the object if it's #present? otherwise returns nil DHH/Colin Kelley

  • Add Enumerable#exclude? to bring parity to Enumerable#include? and avoid if !x.include?/else calls DHH

  • Update Edinburgh TimeZone to use "Europe/London" instead of "Europe/Dublin" #3310 Phil Ross

  • Update bundled TZInfo to v0.3.15 Geoff Buesing

  • JSON: +Object#to_json+ calls +as_json+ to coerce itself into something natively encodable like +Hash+, +Integer+, or +String+. Override +as_json+ instead of +to_json+ so you're JSON library agnostic. Jeremy Kemper

  • String #to_time and #to_datetime: handle fractional seconds #864 Jason Frey

  • Update bundled TZInfo to v0.3.13 Geoff Buesing

  • Allow MemCacheStore to be initialized with a MemCache-like object instead of addresses and options Bryan Helmkamp

  • Change spelling of Kyev timezone to Kyiv #2613 Alexander Dymo

  • Add ActiveSupport.parse_json_times to disable time parsing in JSON backends that don't support it or don't need it. rick

  • Add pluggable JSON backends with support for the JSON gem. rick Example: ActiveSupport::JSON.backend = "JSONGem"

    All internal Rails JSON encoding is now handled by ActiveSupport::JSON.encode(). Use of #to_json is not recommended, as it may clash with other libraries that overwrite it. However, you can recover Rails specific functionality if you really want to use #to_json.

    gem 'json'
    ActiveSupport::JSON.backend = "JSONGem"
    class ActiveRecord::Base
      alias to_json rails_to_json
  • require 'active_support' no longer orders the whole menu of core extensions. Ask for just what you need: e.g. require 'active_support/core/time' to use timezones, durations, and stdlib date/time extensions. Jeremy Kemper

  • Removed rarely-used DRb cache store. Jeremy Kemper

  • returns 'Time', to further thwart type checking Geoff Buesing

  • Time.local instances: Adding 24.hours across the DST boundary adds 24 hours instead of one day #2066 Michael Curtis

2.3.2 Final (March 15, 2009)

  • XmlMini supports LibXML and Nokogiri backends. #2084, #2190 Bart ten Brinke, Aaron Patterson Example: XmlMini.backend = 'Nokogiri'

  • Vendorize i18n 0.1.3 gem (fixes issues with incompatible character encodings in Ruby 1.9) #2038 Akira Matsuda

  • Update bundled memcache-client from to See Mike Perham

  • Ruby 1.9.1p0 fix: URI.unescape can decode multibyte chars. #2033 MOROHASHI Kyosuke

  • Time#to_s(:rfc822) uses #formatted_offset instead of unreliable and non-standard %z directive #1899 Zachary Zolton

  • Make TimeWithZone#to_formatted_s an alias to TimeWithZone#to_s #1796 Levin Alexander

  • Introduce Array.wrap(foo) to wrap the argument in an array unless it's already an array. Wraps nil as an empty array. Use instead of Array(foo) and foo.to_a since they treat String as Enumerable. Jeremy Kemper

  • TimeWithZone#xmlschema accepts optional fraction_digits argument [#1725 state:resolved] Nicholas Dainty

  • Object#tap shim for Ruby < 1.8.7. Similar to Object#returning, tap yields self then returns self. Jeremy Kemper { ... }.tap(&:inspect).map { ... }

  • TimeWithZone#- gives correct result with wrapped DateTime, and with DateTime argument Geoff Buesing

  • Updated i18n gem to version 0.1.1 #1635 Yaroslav Markin

  • Add :allow_nil option to delegate. #1127 Sergio Gil

  • Add convenience method to benchmark realtime in milliseconds. Jeremy Kemper

  • Updated included memcache-client to the version which includes fixes from fiveruns and 37signals to deal with failover and timeouts #1535 Joshua Sierles

  • Multibyte: add multibyte-safe Chars#ord rather than falling back to String#ord. #1483 Jason Cheow

  • I18n support for Array#to_sentence. Introduces support.array.words_connector, .two_words_connector, and .last_word_connector translation keys. #1397 Akira Matsuda

  • Added ActiveSupport::OrderedHash#each_key and ActiveSupport::OrderedHash#each_value #1410 Christoffer Sawicki

  • Added ActiveSupport::MessageVerifier and MessageEncryptor to aid users who need to store signed and/or encrypted messages. Michael Koziarski

  • Added ActiveSupport::BacktraceCleaner to cut down on backtrace noise according to filters and silencers David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added Object#try. ( Taken from ) Chris Wanstrath

  • Added Enumerable#none? to check that none of the elements match the block #1408 Damian Janowski

  • TimeZone offset tests: use current_period, to ensure TimeZone#utc_offset is up-to-date Geoff Buesing

  • Update bundled TZInfo to 0.3.12 Geoff Buesing

  • Added lambda merging to OptionMerger (especially useful with named_scope and with_options) #726 Paweł Kondzior

2.2.1 RC2 (November 14th, 2008)

  • Increment the version of our altered memcache-client to prevent confusion caused when the 1.5.0 gem is installed.

  • Fixed the option merging in Array#to_xml #1126 Rudolf Gavlas

  • Make I18n::Backend::Simple reload its translations in development mode David Heinemeier Hansson/Sven Fuchs

2.2.0 RC1 (October 24th, 2008)

  • TimeWithZone#freeze: preload instance variables so that we can actually freeze Geoff Buesing

  • Fix Brasilia timezone #1180 Marcus Derencius, Kane

  • Time#advance recognizes fractional days and weeks. Deprecate Durations of fractional months and years #970 Tom Lea

  • Add ActiveSupport::Rescuable module abstracting ActionController::Base rescue_from features. Norbert Crombach, Pratik Naik

  • Switch from String#chars to String#mb_chars for the unicode proxy. Manfred Stienstra

    This helps with 1.8.7 compatibility and also improves performance for some operations by reducing indirection.

  • TimeWithZone #wday, #yday and #to_date avoid trip through #method_missing Geoff Buesing

  • Added Time, Date, DateTime and TimeWithZone #past?, #future? and #today? #720 Clemens Kofler, Geoff Buesing

  • Fixed Sri Jayawardenepura time zone to map to Asia/Colombo Jamis Buck

  • Added Inflector#parameterize for easy slug generation ("Donald E. Knuth".parameterize => "donald-e-knuth") #713 Matt Darby

  • Changed cache benchmarking to be reported in milliseconds David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fix Ruby's Time marshaling bug in pre-1.9 versions of Ruby: utc instances are now correctly unmarshaled with a utc zone instead of the system local zone [#900 state:resolved] Luca Guidi, Geoff Buesing

  • Add Array#in_groups which splits or iterates over the array in specified number of groups. #579. [Adrian Mugnolo] Example:

    a = (1..10).to_a a.in_groups(3) # => [[1, 2, 3, 4], [5, 6, 7, nil], [8, 9, 10, nil]] a.in_groups(3, false) # => [[1, 2, 3, 4], [5, 6, 7], [8, 9, 10]]

  • Fix TimeWithZone unmarshaling: coerce unmarshaled Time instances to utc, because Ruby's marshaling of Time instances doesn't respect the zone Geoff Buesing

  • Added Memoizable mixin for caching simple lazy loaded attributes Josh Peek

  • Move the test related core_ext stuff out of core_ext so it's only loaded by the test helpers. Michael Koziarski

  • Add Inflection rules for String#humanize. #535 Dan Manges

    ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections do |inflect| inflect.human(/_cnt$/i, '\1_count') end

    'jargon_cnt'.humanize # => 'Jargon count'

  • TimeWithZone: when crossing DST boundary, treat Durations of days, months or years as variable-length, and all other values as absolute length. A time + 24.hours will advance exactly 24 hours, but a time + will advance 23-25 hours, depending on the day. Ensure consistent behavior across all advancing methods Geoff Buesing

  • Added TimeZone #=~, to support matching zones by regex in time_zone_select. #195 Ernie Miller

  • Added Array#second through Array#fifth as aliases for Array#[1] through Array#[4] + Array#forty_two as alias for Array[41] David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added test/do declaration style testing to ActiveSupport::TestCase DHH via Jay Fields

  • Added Object#present? which is equivalent to !Object#blank? David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added Enumberable#many? to encapsulate collection.size > 1 David Heinemeier Hansson/Damian Janowski

  • Add more standard Hash methods to ActiveSupport::OrderedHash Steve Purcell

  • Namespace Inflector, Dependencies, OrderedOptions, and TimeZone under ActiveSupport Josh Peek

  • Added StringInquirer for doing things like"production").production? # => true and"production").development? # => false David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fixed Date#end_of_quarter to not blow up on May 31st #289 state:resolved

2.1.0 (May 31st, 2008)

  • TimeZone#to_s shows offset as GMT instead of UTC, because GMT will be more familiar to end users (see time zone selects used by Windows OS, and Reverts [8370] Geoff Buesing

  • Hash.from_xml: datetime xml types overflow to Ruby DateTime class when out of range of Time. Adding tests for utc offsets Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone #+ and #- : ensure overflow to DateTime with Numeric arg Geoff Buesing

  • Time#to_json: don't convert to utc before encoding. References #175 Geoff Buesing

  • Remove unused JSON::RESERVED_WORDS, JSON.valid_identifier? and JSON.reserved_word? methods. Resolves #164. Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Adding Date.current, which returns if config.time_zone is set; otherwise returns Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone: date part getter methods (#year #mon #day etc) are defined on class; no longer relying on method_missing Geoff Buesing

  • return nil for strings with no date information Geoff Buesing

  • respects offset information in string. Resolves #105. Scott Fleckenstein, Geoff Buesing

  • Added Ruby 1.8 implementation of Process.daemon

  • Duration #since and #ago with no argument (e.g., 5.days.ago) return TimeWithZone when config.time_zone is set. Introducing Time.current, which returns if config.time_zone is set, otherwise just returns Geoff Buesing

  • Time#since behaves correctly when passed a Duration. Closes #11527 kemiller

  • Add #getutc alias for DateTime#utc Geoff Buesing

  • Refactor TimeWithZone: don't send #since, #ago, #+, #-, #advance through method_missing Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone respects config.active_support.use_standard_json_time_format Geoff Buesing

  • Add config.active_support.escape_html_entities_in_json to allow disabling of html entity escaping. Rick Olson

  • Improve documentation. Xavier Noria

  • Modified ActiveSupport::Callbacks::Callback#call to accept multiple arguments.

  • Time #yesterday and #tomorrow behave correctly crossing DST boundary. Closes #7399 sblackstone

  • TimeWithZone: Adding tests for dst and leap day edge cases when advancing time Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone#method_missing: send to utc to advance with dst correctness, otherwise send to time. Adding tests for time calculations methods Geoff Buesing

  • Add config.active_support.use_standard_json_time_format setting so that Times and Dates export to ISO 8601 dates. Rick Olson

  • TZInfo: Removing unneeded TimezoneProxy class Geoff Buesing

  • TZInfo: Removing unneeded TimezoneIndexDefinition, since we're not including Indexes::Timezones Geoff Buesing

  • Removing unnecessary uses_tzinfo helper from tests, given that TZInfo is now bundled Geoff Buesing

  • Bundling abbreviated version of TZInfo gem 0.3.8: only the classes and zone definitions required to support Rails time zone features are included. If a recent version of the full TZInfo gem is installed, this will take precedence over the bundled version Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone#marshal_load does zone lookup via Time.get_zone, so that tzinfo/Olson identifiers are handled Geoff Buesing

  • accepts TZInfo::Timezone instances and Olson identifiers; wraps result in TimeZone instance Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone time conversions don't need to be wrapped in TimeOrDateTime, because TZInfo does this internally Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone#usec returns 0 instead of error when DateTime is wrapped Geoff Buesing

  • Improve documentation. Ryan Bigg, Jan De Poorter, Cheah Chu Yeow, Xavier Shay, Jack Danger Canty, Emilio Tagua, Xavier Noria, Sunny Ripert

  • Ensure that TimeWithZone#to_yaml works when passed a YAML::Emitter. Rick Olson

  • Ensure correct TimeWithZone#to_date Geoff Buesing

  • Make TimeWithZone work with tzinfo 0.2.x: use TZInfo::Timezone#zone_identifier alias for #abbreviation, silence warnings on tests. Raise LoadError when TZInfo version is < 0.2 by sniffing for TZInfo::TimeOrDateTime constant. Move all tzinfo-dependent TimeZone tests into uses_tzinfo block Geoff Buesing

  • Time, DateTime and TimeWithZone #in_time_zone defaults to Removing now unneeded #in_current_time_zone Geoff Buesing

  • TZInfo caches Timezone instances in its own internal hash cache, so TimeZone::MAPPING doesn't need to cache them as well Geoff Buesing

  • Adding TimeZone#parse Geoff Buesing

  • Adding TimeZone#at and DateTime#to_f Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone responds to Ruby 1.9 weekday-named query methods Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone caches TZInfo::TimezonePeriod used for time conversion so that it can be reused, and enforces DST rules correctly when instance is created from a local time Geoff Buesing

  • Fixed that BufferedLogger should create its own directory if one doesn't already exist #11285 lotswholetime

  • Fix Numeric time tests broken by DST change by anchoring them to fixed times instead of Anchor TimeZone#now DST test to time specified with instead of Time.local to work around platform differences with Time.local and DST representation Geoff Buesing

  • Removing unneeded #change_time_zone method from Time, DateTime and TimeWithZone Geoff Buesing

  • TimeZone #local and #now correctly enforce DST rules Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone instances correctly enforce DST rules. Adding TimeZone#period_for_utc Geoff Buesing

  • test_time_with_datetime_fallback expects DateTime.local_offset instead of Geoff Buesing

  • Adding TimeWithZone #marshal_dump and #marshal_load Geoff Buesing

  • Add OrderedHash#to_hash Josh Peek

  • Adding Time#end_of_day, _quarter, _week, and _year. #9312 Juanjo Bazan, Tarmo Tänav, BigTitus

  • Adding TimeWithZone#between? Geoff Buesing

  • Time.=== returns true for TimeWithZone instances Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone #+ and #- behave consistently with numeric arguments regardless of whether wrapped time is a Time or DateTime; consistenty answers false to #acts_like?(:date) Geoff Buesing

  • Add String#squish and String#squish! to remove consecutive chunks of whitespace. #11123 Jordi Bunster, Henrik N

  • Serialize BigDecimals as Floats when using to_yaml. #8746 Ernesto Jimenez

  • Adding TimeWithZone #to_yaml, #to_datetime, #eql? and method aliases for duck-typing compatibility with Time Geoff Buesing

  • TimeWithZone #in_time_zone returns +self+ if zone argument is the same as #time_zone Geoff Buesing

  • Adding TimeWithZone #to_a, #to_f, #to_i, #httpdate, #rfc2822 Geoff Buesing

  • Pruning unneeded TimeWithZone#change_time_zone_to_current Geoff Buesing

  • Time#zone=, #in_time_zone and #change_time_zone accept a Duration Geoff Buesing

  • Time#in_time_zone handles Time.local instances correctly Geoff Buesing

  • Pruning unneeded Time#change_time_zone_to_current. Enhanced docs to #change_time_zone to explain the difference between this method and #in_time_zone Geoff Buesing

  • TimeZone#new method renamed #local; when used with, constructor now reads: Geoff Buesing

  • Added Base64.encode64s to encode values in base64 without the newlines. This makes the values immediately usable as URL parameters or memcache keys without further processing David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Remove :nodoc: entries around the ActiveSupport test/unit assertions. #10946 dancroak, jamesh

  • Add Time.zone_default accessor for setting the default time zone. Rails::Configuration.time_zone sets this. #10982 Geoff Buesing

  • cache.fetch(key, :force => true) to force a cache miss. Jeremy Kemper

  • Support retrieving TimeZones with a Duration. TimeZone[-28800] == TimeZone[-480.minutes]. Rick Olson

  • TimeWithZone#- added, so that #- can handle a Time or TimeWithZone argument correctly Geoff Buesing

  • with_timezone test helper renamed with_env_tz, to distinguish between setting ENV['TZ'] and setting in tests Geoff Buesing

  • Time#- coerces TimeWithZone argument to a Time instance so that difference in seconds can be calculated. Closes #10914 Geoff Buesing, yyyc514

  • Adding UTC zone to TimeZone; TimeWithZone no longer has to fake UTC zone with nil Geoff Buesing

  • Time.get_zone refactored to private method, given that the encapsulated logic is only useful internally Geoff Buesing

  • uses thread-local variable for thread safety. Adding Time.use_zone, for overriding locally inside a block. Removing unneeded Time.zone_reset! Geoff Buesing

  • TimeZone#to_s uses UTC rather than GMT; reapplying change that was undone in [8679]. #1689 Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Time.days_in_month defaults to current year if no year is supplied as argument #10799 [Radar], uses Date.gregorian_leap? to determine leap year, and uses constant lookup to determine days in month Geoff Buesing

  • Adding Time and DateTime #compare_with_coercion, which layers behavior on #<=> so that any combination of Time, DateTime and ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone instances can be chronologically compared Geoff Buesing

  • TimeZone#now returns an ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone Geoff Buesing

  • Time #in_current_time_zone and #change_time_zone_to_current return self when is nil Geoff Buesing

  • Remove unneeded #to_datetime_default_s alias for DateTime#to_s, given that we inherit a #to_default_s from Date that does exactly the same thing Geoff Buesing

  • Refactor Time and DateTime #to_formatted_s: use ternary instead of nested if/else Geoff Buesing

  • Adding Time and DateTime #formatted_offset, for outputting +HH:MM utc offset strings with cross-platform consistency Geoff Buesing

  • Adding alternate_utc_string option to TimeZone#formatted_offset. Removing unneeded TimeZone#offset. Geoff Buesing

  • Introduce ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone, for wrapping Time instances with a TimeZone. Introduce instance methods to Time for creating TimeWithZone instances, and class methods for managing a global time zone. Geoff Buesing

  • Replace non-dst-aware TimeZone class with dst-aware class from tzinfo_timezone plugin. TimeZone#adjust and #unadjust are no longer available; tzinfo gem must now be present in order to perform time zone calculations, via #local_to_utc and #utc_to_local methods. Geoff Buesing

  • Extract ActiveSupport::Callbacks from Active Record, test case setup and teardown, and ActionController::Dispatcher. #10727 Josh Peek

  • Introducing DateTime #utc, #utc? and #utc_offset, for duck-typing compatibility with Time. Closes #10002 Geoff Buesing

  • Time#to_json uses Numeric#to_utc_offset_s to output a cross-platform-consistent representation without having to convert to DateTime. References #9750 Geoff Buesing

  • Refactor number-to-HH:MM-string conversion logic from TimeZone#formatted_offset to a reusable Numeric#to_utc_offset_s method. Geoff Buesing

  • Continue evolution toward ActiveSupport::TestCase. #10679 Josh Peek

  • TestCase: introduce declared setup and teardown callbacks. Pass a list of methods and an optional block to call before setup or after teardown. Setup callbacks are run in the order declared; teardown callbacks are run in reverse. Jeremy Kemper

  • Added ActiveSupport::Gzip.decompress/compress(source) as an easy wrapper for Zlib Tobias Lütke

  • Included MemCache-Client to make the improved ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore work out of the box Bob Cottrell, Eric Hodel

Added ActiveSupport::Cache:: framework as an extraction from ActionController::Caching::Fragments:: David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fixed String#titleize to work for strings with 's too #10571 trek

  • Changed the implementation of Enumerable#group_by to use a double array approach instead of a hash such that the insert order is honored David Heinemeier Hansson/Marcel Molina Jr.

  • remove multiple enumerations from ActiveSupport::JSON#convert_json_to_yaml when dealing with date/time values. Rick Olson

  • Hash#symbolize_keys skips keys that can't be symbolized. #10500 Brad Greenlee

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility. #1689, #10466, #10468, #10554, #10594, #10632 Cheah Chu Yeow, Pratik Naik, Jeremy Kemper, Dirkjan Bussink, Xavier Noria

  • TimeZone#to_s uses UTC rather than GMT. #1689 Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Refactor of Hash#symbolize_keys! to use Hash#replace. Closes #10420 ReinH

  • Fix HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_options! so it doesn't clear the options hash. Closes #10419 ReinH

2.0.1 (December 7th, 2007)

  • Added Array#from and Array#to that behaves just from String#from and String#to David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fix that empty collections should be treated as empty arrays regardless of whitespace for Hash#from_xml #10255 adamj

  • Time#time_with_datetime_fallback, Time#to_datetime, Date#to_datetime and String#to_datetime honor Ruby's default calendar reform setting. #10201 Geoff Buesing

  • Change Time and DateTime #end_of_month to return last second of month instead of beginning of last day of month. Closes #10200 Geoff Buesing

  • Speedup String#blank? Jeremy Kemper, Michael Koziarski

  • Add documentation for Hash#diff. Closes #9306 Tarmo Tänav

  • Add new superclass_delegating_accessors. Similar to class inheritable attributes but with subtly different semantics. Michael Koziarski, Tarmo Tänav

  • Change JSON to encode %w(< > &) as 4 digit hex codes to be in compliance with the JSON spec. Closes #9975 Josh Peek, Cheah Chu Yeow, Tim Pope

  • Fix JSON encoding/decoding bugs dealing with /'s. Closes #9990 Rick Olson, theamazingrando

  • Introduce a base class for all test cases used by rails applications. ActiveSupport::TestCase Michael Koziarski

    The intention is to use this to reduce the amount of monkeypatching / overriding that is done to test/unit's classes.

  • Document Enumerable and Hash #to_json. #9970 Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Hash#to_xml handles symbol values. #9954 Assaf

  • Hash#symbolize_keys behaves well with integer keys. #9890 PotatoSalad

  • Multibyte: String#slice supports regexp argument. #9646 yob

  • object.duplicable? returns true if object.dup is safe. False for nil, true, false, symbols, and numbers; true otherwise. #9333 sur

  • Time, Date and DateTime #advance accept :weeks option. #9866 Geoff Buesing

  • Fix Time#years_ago and #years_since from leap days. #9865 Geoff Buesing

  • Time and DateTime#advance accept :hours, :minutes, and :seconds options. #9825 Geoff Buesing

  • Fix Date#years_ago and #years_since from leap days. #9864 Geoff Buesing

  • Refactor Time and Date#months_since and #months_ago to use #advance. #9863 Geoff Buesing

  • Rebundle Builder 2.1.2 but prefer a newer RubyGem if available. Jeremy Kemper

  • Add Range#overlaps?(range), Range#include?(range), and Range#step without a block. brandon

  • Correct BufferedLogger#level? checks. #9806 wildchild, Johan Sorensen

  • String#to_xs uses Eric Wong's fast_xs extension, if available, for Builder speedup. Jeremy Kemper

  • Introduce BasicObject as Builder::BlankSlate for Ruby 1.9 forward compatibility. Jeremy Kemper

  • Unbundle Builder in favor of a gem dependency. Jeremy Kemper

  • Disambiguate Time, Date, and DateTime#to_json formatting. #9750 Geoff Buesing, Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Hash#to_json takes :only or :except options to specific or omit certain hash keys. Enumerable#to_json passes through its options to each element. #9751 Cheah Chu Yeow

  • BufferedLogger#auto_flushing = N flushes the log every N messages. Buffers with an array instead of string. Disabling auto_flushing still flushes when the buffer hits a maximum size, as a failsafe against memory-gobbling. Jeremy Kemper

  • Fixed Date#xmlschema for dates outside the range of what can be created with Time #9744 Geoff Buesing

  • Fixed that La Paz was included in -25200 and -14400 offsets when it should only be in -14400 #9735 bermi

  • Fixed JSON encoding to use quoted keys according to the JSON standard. #8762 choonkat, Cheah Chu Yeow

  • Alias Object#send to send! for Ruby 1.9 forward compatibility. Jeremy Kemper

  • Backport Object#instance_variable_defined? for Ruby < 1.8.6. Jeremy Kemper

  • BufferedLogger#add converts the message to a string. #9702, #9724 eigentone, DrMark, Tom Ward

  • Added ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger as a duck-typing alternative (albeit with no formatter) to the Ruby Logger, which provides a very nice speed bump (inspired by Ezra's buffered logger) David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Object#instance_exec produces fewer garbage methods. Mauricio Fernandez

  • Decode json strings as Dates/Times if they're using a YAML-compatible format. Closes #9614 Rick Olson

  • Fixed cache_page to use the request url instead of the routing options when picking a save path. #8614 Josh Peek

  • Object.subclasses_of includes anonymous subclasses. Jeremy Kemper

  • Fixed that pluralizing an empty string should return the same empty string, not "s". #7720 Josh Peek

  • Added call to inspect on non-string classes for the logger #8533 Coda Hale

  • Deprecation: remove deprecated :mday option from Time, Date, and DateTime#change. Jeremy Kemper

  • Fix JSON decoder with nested quotes and commas. #9579 Zach Dennis

  • Hash#to_xml doesn't double-unescape. #8806 Ezran

  • Added Array#rand #9170 [Norbert Crombach]. Examples:

    [].rand       # => nil
    ['a'].rand    # => 'a'
    [1,2,3].rand  # => 1 or 2 or 3
  • Deprecation: removed Reloadable. Jeremy Kemper

  • Make the utf-handler return the correct value for non-matching regular expressions. Closes #9049 Manfred Stienstra

  • Add ljust, rjust and center to utf8-handler. Closes #9165 Manfred Stienstra

  • Fix Time#advance bug when trying to advance a year from leap day. Closes #8655 Geoff Buesing

  • Add support for []= on ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Chars. Closes #9142. ewan, Manfred Stienstra

  • Added Array#extract_options! to encapsulate the pattern of getting an options hash out of a variable number of parameters. #8759 Norbert Crombach

  • Let alias_attribute work with attributes with initial capital letters (legacy columns etc). Closes #8596 mpalmer

  • Added Hash#except which is the inverse of Hash#slice -- return the hash except the keys that are specified David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added support for pluralization with a different starting letter than the singular version (cow/kine) #4929 norri_b/Josh Susser

  • Demote Hash#to_xml to use XmlSimple#xml_in_string so it can't read files or stdin. #8453 candlerb, Jeremy Kemper

  • Backport clean_logger changes to support ruby 1.8.2 Mislav Marohnić

  • Added proper handling of arrays #8537 Josh Susser

    Before: Hash.from_xml '' # => {:images => nil}

    Hash.from_xml '<images><image>foo.jpg</image></images>'
    # => {:images => {:image => "foo.jpg"}}
    Hash.from_xml '<images><image>foo.jpg</image><image>bar.jpg</image></images>'
    # => {:images => {:image => ["foo.jpg", "bar.jpg"]}}

    After: Hash.from_xml '' # => {:images => []}

    Hash.from_xml '<images type="array"><image>foo.jpg</image></images>'
    # => {:images => ["foo.jpg"]}
    Hash.from_xml '<images type="array"><image>foo.jpg</image><image>bar.jpg</image></images>'
    # => {:images => ["foo.jpg", "bar.jpg"]}
  • Improve Time and Date test coverage. #8646 Josh Peek

  • Add Date#since, ago, beginning_of_day, and end_of_day. Date + seconds works now. #8575 Geoff Buesing

  • String#to_time overflows to DateTime. Add String#to_datetime. #8572 Geoff Buesing

  • Date.yesterday and .tomorrow. #8571 Geoff Buesing

  • Readable Date and DateTime#inspect. #8570 Geoff Buesing

  • Move common DateTime calculations to Date. #8536 Geoff Buesing

  • Added Date#change (like Time#change) David Heinemeier Hansson

  • DateTime#to_time converts to Time unless out of range. #8512 Geoff Buesing

  • Date#to_datetime, #to_s(:rfc822). #8512 Geoff Buesing

  • Time durations use since instead of + for accuracy. #8513 Geoff Buesing

  • escape <'s and >'s in JSON strings. #8371 Rick Olson

  • Inflections: MatrixTest -> MatrixTests instead of MatricesTest. #8496 jbwiv

  • Multibyte strings respond_to the String methods they proxy so they can be duck-typed. #6549 Tuxie

  • Array#to_xml yields the builder just like Hash and ActiveRecord::Base. #8472 seth

  • Date, Time, and DateTime support formatting blocks in addition to strftime strings. Introduce :long_ordinal format, e.g. "February 21st, 2005". #8191 Coda Hale

  • Document Object#blank?. #6491 Chris Mear

  • Date, Time, and DateTime#to_json. #8399 wycats

  • Simplify API of assert_difference by passing in an expression that is evaluated before and after the passed in block. See documenation for examples of new API. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Added assert_difference and assert_no_difference to test/unit assertions Tobias Lütke

  • Removed breakpointer and Binding.of_caller in favor of relying on ruby-debug by Kent Sibilev since the breakpointer has been broken since Ruby 1.8.4 and will not be coming back David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added parsing of file type in Hash.xml_in so you can easily do file uploads with base64 from an API David Heinemeier Hansson

      <avatar type="file" name="me.jpg" content_type="image/jpg">R0lGODlhkACZAPUAAM5lcfjrtMQCG=\n</avatar>


    attributes = { :person => { :name => "David", :avatar => #<StringIO> } }
    attributes[:person][:avatar].content_type      # => "image/jpg"
    attributes[:person][:avatar].original_filename # => "me.jpg"
    attributes[:person][:avatar].read # => binary data of the file

    Which is duck-type compatible with the files that you get when doing multipart uploads through HTML.

  • Improved multibyte performance by relying less on exception raising #8159 Blaine

  • Use XSD-compatible type names for Hash#to_xml and make the converters extendable #8047 Tim Pope

  • Added yielding of builder in Hash#to_xml David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Hash#with_indifferent_access now also converts hashes kept in arrays to indifferent access (makes it easier to treat HTML and XML parameters the same) David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Hash#to_xml supports YAML attributes. #7502 jonathan

  • Refactor ActiveSupport::JSON to be less obtuse. Add support for JSON decoding by way of Syck with ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(json_string). Prevent hash keys that are JavaScript reserved words from being unquoted during encoding. Sam Stephenson

  • alias_method_chain preserves the original method's visibility. #7854 Jonathan Viney

  • Update Dependencies to ignore constants inherited from ancestors. Closes #6951. Nicholas Seckar

  • Array#to_query preserves its ordering. #7756 Greg Spurrier

  • Out-of-range Time calculations transparently overflow to DateTime. Introduce Time#to_datetime. #7706, #7715 Geoff Buesing

  • DateTime calculations analogous to the Date and Time extensions. #7693 Geoff Buesing

  • Give DateTime correct .to_s implementations, lets it play nice with ActiveRecord quoting. #7649 Geoff Buesing

  • Add File.atomic_write, allows you to write large files in an atomic manner, preventing users from seeing half written files. Michael Koziarski

  • Allow users to provide custom formatters to Logger. Anthony Eden

  • Hash#to_query CGI-escapes its keys. Jeremy Kemper

  • Optimize Class Inheritable Attributes so that unnecessary hashes are not created. Closes #7472 Bruce Perens

  • :db format for Date#to_s Jeremy Kemper, 1, 27).to_s(:db) # => '2007-01-27'

  • Added :instance_writer option to #mattr_writer/accessor, #cattr_writer/accessor, and #class_inheritable_writer to skip the creation of the instance writer. Rick Olson

  • Added Hash#to_query to turn a hash of values into a form-encoded query string Nicholas Seckar

  • Increase test coverage for subclasses_of. Closes #7335. Roman2K, Nicholas Seckar

  • Remove unused code from Duration#inspect. Closes #7180. Rich Collins

  • Added test coverage for Inflector.inflections.clear. Closes #7179. Rich Collins

  • ActiveSupport::Multibyte::Handlers::UTF8Handler should raise when a range and an integer are passed in (just like the native implementation). Closes #7176 Rich Collins

  • A couple extra tests for #classify. Closes #7273. Josh Susser

  • Better docs for Object extensions zackchandler, Jamis Buck

  • Fix that Dates couldn't be subtracted from Dates after [5940]. Sam Stephenson

  • Add Object#acts_like? and Time#acts_like_time? and Date#acts_like_date? to facilitate duck-typing. Jamis Buck

  • Make 1.months and friends accurate by introducing a Duration class. #6835 eventualbuddha

1.4.2 (March 12th, 2007)

  • Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.9 define private Time#to_date and #to_datetime; make them public for compatibility. Jeremy Kemper

  • Deprecation: warn on stderr if RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER isn't set yet. Jeremy Kemper

1.4.1 (February 5th, 2007)

  • Optimize Class Inheritable Attributes so that unnecessary hashes are not created. Closes #7472 Bruce Perens

  • Added :instance_writer option to #mattr_writer/accessor, #cattr_writer/accessor, and #class_inheritable_writer to skip the creation of the instance writer. Rick Olson

  • Full test coverage for Inflector. #7228 Dan Kubb

1.4.0 (January 16th, 2007)

  • Document Inflector.ordinalize and merge docs from String inflections. #7023 smeade

  • Unbundle flexmock. Jeremy Kemper

  • Fix Dependencies.autoloaded? to ignore anonymous modules. Closes #6561. Nicholas Seckar

  • Update load once paths to prevent nested once constants from being detected and claimed by an external non-once load. Nicholas Seckar

  • Deprecation: silence warnings when reporting test errors. Jeremy Kemper

  • Hash#slice(keys) returns a new hash with only the given keys. #slice! replaces the hash with only the given keys. Works with HashWithIndifferentAccess also. *Jeremy Kemper

  • HashWithIndifferentAccess#to_hash converts to a Hash with String keys and the same default value. Jeremy Kemper

  • Fix remove_constant to correctly handle constant names of the form "::A::...". References #6720. Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed Array#to_xml when it contains a series of hashes (each piece would get its own XML declaration) #6610 thkarcher/cyu

  • Added Time#to_s(:time) which will just return H:M, like 17:44 David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Add Module#attr_accessor_with_default to initialize value of attribute before setting it. Closes #6538. Stuart Halloway, Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Hash#to_xml handles keys with the same name as Kernel methods. #6613 Jonathan del Strother

  • Added Time#end_of_day to get 23:59:59 of that day David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Don't quote hash keys in Hash#to_json if they're valid JavaScript identifiers. Disable this with ActiveSupport::JSON.unquote_hash_key_identifiers = false if you need strict JSON compliance. Sam Stephenson

  • Lazily load the Unicode Database in the UTF-8 Handler Rick Olson

  • Update dependencies to delete partially loaded constants. Nicholas Seckar

  • Fix unicode JSON regexp for Onigurama compatibility. #6494 whitley

  • update XmlSimple to 1.0.10. Closes #6532. Nick Sieger

  • Update dependencies to allow constants to be defined alongside their siblings. A common case for this is AR model classes with STI; user.rb might define User, Administrator and Guest for example. Nicholas Seckar

  • next_week respects DST changes. #6483, #5617, #2353, #2509, #4551 marclove, Rob Biedenharn,,,

  • Expose methods added to Enumerable in the documentation, such as group_by. Closes #6170., Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Ensure Chars#tidy_bytes only tidies broken bytes. Closes #6397 Manfred Stienstra

  • Add 'unloadable', a method used to mark any constant as requiring an unload after each request. Nicholas Seckar

  • Make core_ext/string/access.rb multibyte safe. Closes #6388 Manfred Stienstra

  • Make String#chars slicing behaviour consistent with String. Closes #6387 Manfred Stienstra

  • Pull in latest multibyte patch. Closes #6346 Manfred Stienstra

  • Add ActiveSupport::Multibyte. Provides String#chars which lets you deal with strings as a sequence of chars, not of bytes. Closes #6242 Julian Tarkhanov, Manfred Stienstra, Thijs van der Vossen & Jan Behrens

  • Fix issue with #class_inheritable_accessor saving updates to the parent class when initialized with an Array or Hash mojombo

  • Hash#to_xml supports Bignum and BigDecimal. #6313 edibiase

  • Don't undefine #class in OptionMerger Rick Olson

  • Hash.create_from_xml has been renamed to Hash.from_xml, alias will exist until Rails 2.0 David Heinemeier Hansson

  • alias_method_chain works with accessor= methods also. #6153 Caio Chassot

  • Fix loadable_constants_for_path to handle load paths that do not end with a slash. Nicholas Seckar

  • Fix logic error in determining what was loaded by a given file. Closes #6039. Nicholas Seckar

  • Equate Kernel.const_missing with Object.const_missing. Fixes #5988. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add ApplicationController special case to Dependencies. Nicholas Seckar

  • Don't pad remaining places with in_groups_of if specified padding value is false. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Fix cases where empty xml nodes weren't being translated to nil in Hash.create_from_xml Rick Olso n

    # => { :type => 'date' } # WRONG # => nil # RIGHT

  • Tighten rescue clauses. #5985

  • Inflections: don't singularize -ies plurals., Mark Van Holstyn

  • Update Initializer to use load_once_paths to avoid plugin reloading. References #5852. Nicholas Seckar

  • Use Array#assoc in ActiveSupport::OrderedHash. Mauricio Fernandez

  • Greatly increased performance of String.to_json, which speeds up RJS considerably on large pages, fixes #3473 Shugo Maeda

  • Detect missing_constants calls from removed modules and fail accordingly. Nicholas Seckar

  • Stop using defined? in Dependencies.qualified_const_defined? since defined? may invoke const_missing. Nicholas Seckar

  • Dependencies can autoload directories of nested classes. Jeremy Kemper Example: invoice.rb class Invoice invoice/lineitem.rb class Invoice::Lineitem

  • Add Deprecation.silence so that Reloadable does not scold itself. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add debugging logging to Dependencies. Currently can be enabled with Dependencies.log_activity = true; adding to Initializer and documenting is forthcoming. Nicholas Seckar

  • Replace Reloadable with improvements to the Dependencies mechanism. Nicholas Seckar

  • DateTime#to_time gives hour/minute/second resolution. #5747

  • attr_internal to support namespacing and deprecation. Like attr_* except backed by internally-named instance variable. Set attr_internal_naming_format to change the format from the default '@_%s'. Jeremy Kemper # def foo() @foo__rofl end # def foo=(v) @foo__rofl = v end self.attr_internal_naming_format = '@%s__rofl' attr_internal :foo

  • Raise fully qualified names upon name errors. #5533 Lars Pind, Nicholas Seckar

  • Add extention to obtain the missing constant from NameError instances. Nicholas Seckar

  • Thoroughly document inflections. #5700

  • Added Module#alias_attribute [Jamis/David Heinemeier Hansson]. Example:

    class Content < ActiveRecord::Base
      # has a title attribute
    class Email < ActiveRecord::Base
      alias_attribute :subject, :title
    e = Email.find(1)
    e.title    # => "Superstars"
    e.subject  # => "Superstars"
    e.subject? # => true
    e.subject = "Megastars"
    e.title    # => "Megastars"
  • Deprecation: easier to work with warning behavior as procs; default behaviors for each environment so users needn't update env.rb; and testing pleasure with assert_deprecated, assert_not_deprecated. Jeremy Kemper By default, test prints to $stderr, dev logs, production ignores. Provide your own per-environment in e.g. config/environments/development.rb: ActiveSupport::Deprecation.behavior = { |message| raise message }

  • First cut of the Rails Deprecation system. Michael Koziarski

  • Strip boolean XML content before checking for 'true' Rick Olson

  • Customize default BigDecimal formatting. References #5672 Dave Thomas

  • Correctly convert to nil when using Hash.create_from_xml. Rick Olson

  • Optional identity for Enumerable#sum defaults to zero. #5657

  • HashWithIndifferentAccess shouldn't confuse false and nil. #5601 Shugo Maeda

  • Fixed HashWithIndifferentAccess#default #5586

  • More compatible Hash.create_from_xml. #5523

  • Added Enumerable#sum for calculating a sum from the elements [David Heinemeier Hansson,]. Examples:

    [1, 2, 3].sum
    payments.sum { |p| p.price * p.tax_rate }

    This is instead of payments.inject(0) { |sum, p| sum + p.price }

  • Correct and clarify Array#to_sentence docs. #5458

  • alias_method_chain preserves method punctuation so foo, foo?, and foo! may be chained with the same feature. Jeremy Kemper Example: alias_method_chain :save!, :validation is equivalent to alias_method :save_without_validation!, :save! alias_method :save!, :save_with_validation!

  • Enhance Symbol#to_proc so it works with list objects, such as multi-dimensional arrays. Closes #5295 []. Example:

    {1 => "one", 2 => "two", 3 => "three"}.sort_by(&:first).map(&:last)
    # => ["one", "two", "three"]
  • Added Hash.create_from_xml(string) which will create a hash from a XML string and even typecast if possible [David Heinemeier Hansson]. Example:

    Hash.create_from_xml <<-EOT
        <title>This is a note</title>
        <created-at type="date">2004-10-10</created-at>

    ...would return:

    { :note => { :title => "This is a note", :created_at =>, 10, 10) } }
  • Added Jim Weirich's excellent FlexMock class to vendor (Copyright 2003, 2004 by Jim Weirich ( -- it's not automatically required, though, so require 'flexmock' is still necessary David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fixed that Module#alias_method_chain should work with both foo? foo! and foo at the same time #4954

  • to_xml fixes, features, and speedup: introduce :dasherize option that converts updated_at to updated-at if true (the existing default); binary columns get encoding="base64" attribute; nil values get nil="true" attribute to distinguish empty values; add type information for float columns; allow arbitrarily deep :include; include SQL type information as the type attribute. #4989 Blair Zajac

  • Add OrderedHash#values. Sam Stephenson

  • Added Array#to_s(:db) that'll produce a comma-separated list of ids [David Heinemeier Hansson]. Example:

    Purchase.find(:all, :conditions => "product_id IN (#{shops.products.to_s(:db)})"
  • Normalize classify's argument to a String so that it plays nice with Symbols. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Strip out leading schema name in classify. References #5139. Michael Schoen

  • Remove Enumerable#first_match since break(value) handles the use case well enough. Nicholas Seckar

    Enumerable#first_match was like detect, but instead of returning the matching element, the yielded value returned. For example:

    user_xml = adapters(:from => User, :to => Xml).first_match do |adapter|
      adapter.adapt @user

    But this is just as easily done with:

    user_xml = adapters(:from => User, :to => Xml).each do
      break adapter.adapt(@user)
  • Make Array#in_groups_of just return the grouped collection if a block isn't given. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Don't destroy a HashWithIndifferentAccess if symbolize_keys! or stringify_keys! is called on it. Closes #5076. Marcel Molina Jr.,

  • Document Module::delegate. #5002

  • Replace alias method chaining with Module#alias_method_chain. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Strip out punctuation on predicates or bang methods being aliased with alias_method_chain since target?_without_feature is not a valid method name. Add tests for Module#alias_method_chain. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Replace Ruby's deprecated append_features in favor of included. Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Allow default options in with_options to be overridden. Closes #4480.

  • Added Module#alias_method_chain Jamis Buck

  • Updated to Builder 2.0 David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Add Array#split for dividing arrays into one or more subarrays by value or block. Sam Stephenson

1.3.1 (April 6th, 2006)

  • Clean paths inside of exception messages and traces. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add Pathname.clean_within for cleaning all the paths inside of a string. Nicholas Seckar

  • provide an empty Dependencies::LoadingModule.load which prints deprecation warnings. Lets 1.0 applications function with .13-style environment.rb.

1.3.0 (March 27th, 2006)

  • When possible, avoid incorrectly obtaining constants from parent modules. Fixes #4221. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add more tests for dependencies; refactor existing cases. Nicholas Seckar

  • Move Module#parent and Module#as_load_path into core_ext. Add Module#parent. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add CachingTools::HashCaching to simplify the creation of nested, autofilling hashes. Nicholas Seckar

  • Remove a hack intended to avoid unloading the same class twice, but which would not work anyways. Nicholas Seckar

  • Update Object.subclasses_of to locate nested classes. This affects Object.remove_subclasses_of in that nested classes will now be unloaded. Nicholas Seckar

  • Update Object.remove_subclasses_of to use Class.remove_class, reducing duplication. Nicholas Seckar

  • Added Fixnum#seconds for consistency, so you can say 5.minutes + 30.seconds instead of 5.minutes + 30 #4389 François Beausoleil

  • Added option to String#camelize to generate lower-cased camel case by passing in :lower, like "super_man".camelize(:lower) # => "superMan" David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added Hash#diff to show the difference between two hashes Chris McGrath

  • Added Time#advance to do precise time time calculations for cases where a month being approximated to 30 days won't do #1860 Rick Olson

  • Enhance Inflector.underscore to convert '-' into '_' (as the inverse of Inflector.dasherize) Jamis Buck

  • Switched to_xml to use the xml schema format for datetimes. This allows the encoding of time zones and should improve operability. Michael Koziarski

  • Added a note to the documentation for the Date related Numeric extensions to indicate that they're approximations and shouldn't be used for critical calculations. Michael Koziarski

  • Added Hash#to_xml and Array#to_xml that makes it much easier to produce XML from basic structures [David Heinemeier Hansson]. Examples:

    { :name => "David", :street_name => "Paulina", :age => 26, :moved_on =>, 11, 15) }.to_xml


        <age type="integer">26</age>
        <moved-on type="date">2005-11-15</moved-on>
  • Moved Jim Weirich's wonderful Builder from Action Pack to Active Support (it's simply too useful to be stuck in AP) David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Fixed that Array#to_sentence will return "" on an empty array instead of ", and" #3842, #4031

  • Add Enumerable#group_by for grouping collections based on the result of some block. Useful, for example, for grouping records by date.


     latest_transcripts.group_by(&:day).each do |day, transcripts|
       p "#{day} -> #{ * ', '}"
     "2006-03-01 -> Transcript"
     "2006-02-28 -> Transcript"
     "2006-02-27 -> Transcript, Transcript"
     "2006-02-26 -> Transcript, Transcript"

    Add Array#in_groups_of, for iterating over an array in groups of a certain size.


     %w(1 2 3 4 5 6 7).in_groups_of(3) {|g| p g}
     ["1", "2", "3"]
     ["4", "5", "6"]
     ["7", nil, nil]

    Marcel Molina Jr., Sam Stephenson

  • Added Kernel#daemonize to turn the current process into a daemon that can be killed with a TERM signal David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Add 'around' methods to Logger, to make it easy to log before and after messages for a given block as requested in #3809. [Michael Koziarski] Example:

    logger.around_info("Start rendering component (#{options.inspect}): ", "\n\nEnd of component rendering") { yield }

  • Added Time#beginning_of_quarter #3607

  • Fix Object.subclasses_of to only return currently defined objects Jonathan Viney

  • Fix constantize to properly handle names beginning with '::'. Nicholas Seckar

  • Make String#last return the string instead of nil when it is shorter than the limit [Scott Barron].

  • Added delegation support to Module that allows multiple delegations at once (unlike Forwardable in the stdlib) [David Heinemeier Hansson]. Example:

    class Account < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :subscription
      delegate :free?, :paying?, :to => :subscription
      delegate :overdue?, :to => "subscription.last_payment"
    end    # =>
    account.overdue? # => account.subscription.last_payment.overdue?
  • Fix Reloadable to handle the case where a class that has been 'removed' has not yet been garbage collected. Nicholas Seckar

  • Don't allow Reloadable to be included into Modules.

  • Remove LoadingModule. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add documentation for Reloadable::Subclasses. Nicholas Seckar

  • Add Reloadable::Subclasses which handles the common case where a base class should not be reloaded, but its subclasses should be. Nicholas Seckar

  • Further improvements to reloading code Nicholas Seckar, Trevor Squires

    • All classes/modules which include Reloadable can define reloadable? for fine grained control of reloading
    • Class.remove_class uses Module#parent to access the parent module
    • Class.remove_class expanded to handle multiple classes in a single call
    • LoadingModule.clear! has been removed as it is no longer required
    • Module#remove_classes_including has been removed in favor of Reloadable.reloadable_classes
  • Added reusable reloading support through the inclusion of the Relodable module that all subclasses of ActiveRecord::Base, ActiveRecord::Observer, ActiveController::Base, and ActionMailer::Base automatically gets. This means that these classes will be reloaded by the dispatcher when Dependencies.mechanism = :load. You can make your own models reloadable easily:

    class Setting
      include Reloadable

    Reloading a class is done by removing its constant which will cause it to be loaded again on the next reference. David Heinemeier Hansson

  • Added auto-loading support for classes in modules, so Conductor::Migration will look for conductor/migration.rb and Conductor::Database::Settings will look for conductor/database/settings.rb Nicholas Seckar

  • Add Object#instance_exec, like instance_eval but passes its arguments to the block. (Active Support will not override the Ruby 1.9 implementation of this method.) Sam Stephenson

  • Add Proc#bind(object) for changing a proc or block's self by returning a Method bound to the given object. Based on why the lucky stiff's "cloaker" method. Sam Stephenson

  • Fix merge and dup for hashes with indifferent access #3404 Ken Miller

  • Fix the requires in option_merger_test to unbreak AS tests. Sam Stephenson

  • Make HashWithIndifferentAccess#update behave like Hash#update by returning the hash. #3419, #3425,, Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Add ActiveSupport::JSON and Object#to_json for converting Ruby objects to JSON strings. Sam Stephenson

  • Add Object#with_options for DRYing up multiple calls to methods having shared options. [Sam Stephenson] Example:

    ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map| # Account routes map.with_options(:controller => 'account') do |account| account.home '', :action => 'dashboard' account.signup 'signup', :action => 'new' account.logout 'logout', :action => 'logout' end end

  • Introduce Dependencies.warnings_on_first_load setting. If true, enables warnings on first load of a require_dependency. Otherwise, loads without warnings. Disabled (set to false) by default. Jeremy Kemper

  • Active Support is warnings-safe. #1792 Eric Hodel

  • Introduce enable_warnings counterpart to silence_warnings. Turn warnings on when loading a file for the first time if Dependencies.mechanism == :load. Common mistakes such as redefined methods will print warnings to stderr. Jeremy Kemper

  • Add Symbol#to_proc, which allows for, e.g. [:foo, :bar].map(&:to_s). Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Added the following methods [Marcel Molina Jr., Sam Stephenson]:

    • Object#copy_instance_variables_from(object) to copy instance variables from one object to another
    • Object#extended_by to get an instance's included/extended modules
    • Object#extend_with_included_modules_from(object) to extend an instance with the modules from another instance

1.2.5 (December 13th, 2005)

  • Become part of Rails 1.0

  • Rename Version constant to VERSION. #2802 Marcel Molina Jr.

1.2.3 (November 7th, 2005)

  • Change Inflector#constantize to use eval instead of const_get. Nicholas Seckar

  • Fix const_missing handler to ignore the trailing '.rb' on files when comparing paths. Nicholas Seckar

  • Define kernel.rb methods in "class Object" instead of "module Kernel" to work around a Windows peculiarity Sam Stephenson

  • Fix broken tests caused by incomplete loading of active support. Nicholas Seckar

  • Fix status pluralization bug so status_codes doesn't get pluralized as statuses_code. #2758

  • Added Kernel#silence_stderr to silence stderr for the duration of the given block Sam Stephenson

  • Changed Kernel#` to print a message to stderr (like Unix) instead of raising Errno::ENOENT on Win32 Sam Stephenson

  • Changed 0.blank? to false rather than true since it violates everyone's expectation of blankness. #2518, #2705

  • When loading classes using const_missing, raise a NameError if and only if the file we tried to load was not present. Nicholas Seckar

  • Added petabytes and exebytes to numeric extensions #2397

  • Added Time#end_of_month to accompany Time#beginning_of_month #2514 Jens-Christian Fischer

1.2.2 (October 26th, 2005)

  • Set Logger.silencer = false to disable Logger#silence. Useful for debugging fixtures.

  • Add title case method to String to do, e.g., 'action_web_service'.titlecase # => 'Action Web Service'. Marcel Molina Jr.

1.2.1 (October 19th, 2005)

  • Classify generated routing code as framework code to avoid appearing in application traces. Nicholas Seckar

  • Show all framework frames in the framework trace. Nicholas Seckar

1.2.0 (October 16th, 2005)

  • Update Exception extension to show the first few framework frames in an application trace. Nicholas Seckar

  • Added Exception extension to provide support for clean backtraces. Nicholas Seckar

  • Updated whiny nil to be more concise and useful. Nicholas Seckar

  • Added Enumerable#first_match Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed that Time#change should also reset usec when also resetting minutes #2459

  • Fix Logger compatibility for distributions that don't keep Ruby and its standard library in sync.

  • Replace '%e' from long and short time formats as Windows does not support it. #2344. Tom Ward

  • Added to_s(:db) to Range, so you can get "BETWEEN '2005-12-10' AND '2005-12-12'" from, 12, 10), 12, 12) (and likewise with Times)

  • Moved require_library_or_gem into Kernel. #1992 Michael Schuerig

  • Add :rfc822 as an option for Time#to_s (to get rfc822-formatted times)

  • Chain the const_missing hook to any previously existing hook so rails can play nicely with rake

  • Clean logger is compatible with both 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 Logger. #2263 Michael Schuerig

  • Added native, faster implementations of .blank? for the core types #2286 skae

  • Fixed clean logger to work with Ruby 1.8.3 Logger class #2245

  • Fixed memory leak with Active Record classes when Dependencies.mechanism = :load #1704 Chris McGrath

  • Fixed Inflector.underscore for use with acronyms, so HTML becomes html instead of htm_l #2173

  • Fixed dependencies related infinite recursion bug when a controller file does not contain a controller class. Closes #1760.

  • Fixed inflections for status, quiz, move #2056

  • Added Hash#reverse_merge, Hash#reverse_merge!, and Hash#reverse_update to ease the use of default options

  • Added Array#to_sentence that'll turn ['one', 'two', 'three'] into "one, two, and three" #2157 Manfred Stienstra

  • Added Kernel#silence_warnings to turn off warnings temporarily for the passed block

  • Added String#starts_with? and String#ends_with? #2118 Thijs van der Vossen

  • Added easy extendability to the inflector through Inflector.inflections (using the Inflector::Inflections singleton class). Examples:

    Inflector.inflections do |inflect|
      inflect.plural /^(ox)$/i, '\1\2en'
      inflect.singular /^(ox)en/i, '\1'
      inflect.irregular 'octopus', 'octopi'
      inflect.uncountable "equipment"
  • Added String#at, String#from, String#to, String#first, String#last in ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::String::Access to ease access to individual characters and substrings in a string serving basically as human names for range access.

  • Make Time#last_month work when invoked on the 31st of a month.

  • Add Time.days_in_month, and make Time#next_month work when invoked on the 31st of a month

  • Fixed that Time#midnight would have a non-zero usec on some platforms #1836

  • Fixed inflections of "index/indices" #1766

  • Added stripping of _id to String#humanize, so "employee_id" becomes "Employee" #1574 Justin French

  • Factor Fixnum and Bignum extensions into Integer extensions Nicholas Seckar

  • Hooked #ordinalize into Fixnum and Bignum classes. Nicholas Seckar, danp

  • Added Fixnum#ordinalize to turn 1.ordinalize to "1st", 3.ordinalize to "3rd", and 10.ordinalize to "10th" and so on #1724

1.1.1 (11 July, 2005)

  • Added more efficient implementation of the development mode reset of classes #1638 Chris McGrath

1.1.0 (6 July, 2005)

  • Fixed conflict with Glue gem #1606 Rick Olson

  • Added new rules to the Inflector to deal with more unusual plurals mouse/louse => mice/lice, information => information, ox => oxen, virus => viri, archive => archives #1571, #1583, #1490, #1599, #1608

  • Fixed memory leak with Object#remove_subclasses_of, which inflicted a Rails application running in development mode with a ~20KB leak per request #1289 Chris McGrath

  • Made 1.year == 365.25.days to account for leap years. This allows you to do User.find(:all, :conditions => ['birthday > ?', 50.years.ago]) without losing a lot of days. #1488

  • Added an exception if calling id on nil to WhinyNil #584

  • Added Fix/Bignum#multiple_of? which returns true on 14.multiple_of?(7) and false on 16.multiple_of?(7) #1464 Thomas Fuchs

  • Added even? and odd? to work with Bignums in addition to Fixnums #1464 Thomas Fuchs

  • Fixed Time#at_beginning_of_week returned the next Monday instead of the previous one when called on a Sunday #1403

  • Increased the speed of indifferent hash access by using Hash#default. #1436 Nicholas Seckar

  • Added that " " is now also blank? (using strip if available)

  • Fixed Dependencies so all modules are able to load missing constants #1173 Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed the Inflector to underscore strings containing numbers, so Area51Controller becomes area51_controller #1176 Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed that HashWithIndifferentAccess stringified all keys including symbols, ints, objects, and arrays #1162 Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed Time#last_year to go back in time, not forward #1278

  • Fixed the pluralization of analysis to analyses #1295

  • Fixed that Time.local(2005,12).months_since(1) would raise "ArgumentError: argument out of range" #1311

  • Added silencing to the default Logger class

1.0.4 (19th April, 2005)

  • Fixed that in some circumstances controllers outside of modules may have hidden ones inside modules. For example, admin/content might have been hidden by /content. #1075 Nicholas Seckar

  • Fixed inflection of perspectives and similar words #1045 Thijs van der Vossen

  • Added Fixnum#even? and Fixnum#odd?

  • Fixed problem with classes being required twice. Object#const_missing now uses require_dependency to load files. It used to use require_or_load which would cause models to be loaded twice, which was not good for validations and other class methods #971 Nicholas Seckar

1.0.3 (27th March, 2005)

  • Fixed Inflector.pluralize to handle capitalized words #932 Jeremy Kemper

  • Added Object#suppress which allows you to make a saner choice around with exceptions to swallow #980. Example:

    suppress(ZeroDivisionError) { 1/0 }

    ...instead of:

    1/0 rescue nil # BAD, EVIL, DIRTY.

1.0.2 (22th March, 2005)

  • Added Kernel#returning -- a Ruby-ized realization of the K combinator, courtesy of Mikael Brockman.

    def foo
      returning values = [] do
        values << 'bar'
        values << 'baz'
    foo # => ['bar', 'baz']

1.0.1 (7th March, 2005)

  • Fixed Hash#indifferent_access to also deal with include? and fetch and nested hashes #726 Nicholas Seckar

  • Added Object#blank? -- see #783 _why the lucky stiff

  • Added inflection rules for "sh" words, like "wish" and "fish" #755

  • Fixed an exception when using Ajax based requests from Safari because Safari appends a \000 to the post body. Symbols can't have \000 in them so indifferent access would throw an exception in the constructor. Indifferent hashes now use strings internally instead. #746 Tobias Lütke

  • Added String#to_time and String#to_date for wrapping ParseDate

1.0.0 (24th February, 2005)

  • Added TimeZone as the first of a number of value objects that among others Active Record can use rich value objects using composed_of #688 Jamis Buck

  • Added Date::Conversions for getting dates in different convenient string representations and other objects

  • Added Time::Conversions for getting times in different convenient string representations and other objects

  • Added Time::Calculations to ask for things like,, #580 [DP|Flurin]. Examples:

    "Later today"         =>,
    "Tomorrow morning"    => now.tomorrow.change(:hour => 9),
    "Tomorrow afternoon"  => now.tomorrow.change(:hour => 14),
    "In a couple of days" => now.tomorrow.tomorrow.change(:hour => 9),
    "Next monday"         => now.next_week.change(:hour => 9),
    "In a month"          => now.next_month.change(:hour => 9),
    "In 6 months"         => now.months_since(6).change(:hour => 9),
    "In a year"           => => 9)
  • Upgraded to breakpoint 92 which fixes:

    * overload IRB.parse_opts(), fixes #443
      => breakpoints in tests work even when running them via rake
    * untaint handlers, might fix an issue discussed on the Rails ML
    * added verbose mode to breakpoint_client
    * less noise caused by breakpoint_client by default
    * ignored TerminateLineInput exception in signal handler
      => quiet exit on Ctrl-C
  • Fixed Inflector for words like "news" and "series" that are the same in plural and singular #603 [echion], #615 marcenuc

  • Added Hash#stringify_keys and Hash#stringify_keys!

  • Added IndifferentAccess as a way to wrap a hash by a symbol-based store that also can be accessed by string keys

  • Added Inflector.constantize to turn "Admin::User" into a reference for the constant Admin::User

  • Added that Inflector.camelize and Inflector.underscore can deal with modules like turning "Admin::User" into "admin/user" and back

  • Added Inflector.humanize to turn attribute names like employee_salary into "Employee salary". Used by automated error reporting in AR.

  • Added availability of class inheritable attributes to the masses #477 Jeremy Kemper

    class Foo
      class_inheritable_reader :read_me
      class_inheritable_writer :write_me
      class_inheritable_accessor :read_and_write_me
      class_inheritable_array :read_and_concat_me
      class_inheritable_hash :read_and_update_me
    # Bar gets a clone of (not a reference to) Foo's attributes.
    class Bar < Foo
    Bar.read_and_write_me == Foo.read_and_write_me
    Bar.read_and_write_me = 'bar'
    Bar.read_and_write_me != Foo.read_and_write_me
  • Added Inflections as an extension on String, so Inflector.pluralize(Inflector.classify(name)) becomes name.classify.pluralize #476 Jeremy Kemper

  • Added Byte operations to Numeric, so 5.5.megabytes + 200.kilobytes #461 Marcel Molina Jr.

  • Fixed that Dependencies.reload can't load the same file twice #420 Kent Sibilev

  • Added Fixnum#ago/until, Fixnum#since/from_now #450 Jeremy Kemper

  • Added that Inflector now accepts Symbols and Classes by calling .to_s on the word supplied

  • Added time unit extensions to Fixnum that'll return the period in seconds, like 2.days + 4.hours.

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