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version ="../../RAILS_VERSION", __FILE__)).strip do |s|
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY = 'actionmailer'
s.version = version
s.summary = 'Email composition, delivery, and receiving framework (part of Rails).'
s.description = 'Email on Rails. Compose, deliver, receive, and test emails using the familiar controller/view pattern. First-class support for multipart email and attachments.'
s.required_ruby_version = '>= 1.8.7' = 'David Heinemeier Hansson' = ''
s.homepage = ''
s.files = Dir['', 'README.rdoc', 'MIT-LICENSE', 'lib/**/*']
s.require_path = 'lib'
s.requirements << 'none'
s.add_dependency('actionpack', version)
s.add_dependency('mail', '~> 2.5.3')
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