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Rails 4.2.8.rc1 (February 09, 2017)

  • Make getlocal and getutc always return instances of Time for ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and DateTime. This eliminates a possible stack level too deep error in to_time where ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone was wrapping a DateTime instance. As a consequence of this the internal time value in ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone is now always an instance of Time in the UTC timezone, whether that's as the UTC time directly or a representation of the local time in the timezone. There should be no consequences of this internal change and if there are it's a bug due to leaky abstractions.

    Andrew White

  • Add DateTime#subsec to return the fraction of a second as a Rational.

    Andrew White

  • Add additional aliases for DateTime#utc to mirror the ones on ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and Time.

    Andrew White

  • Add DateTime#localtime to return an instance of Time in the system's local timezone. Also aliased to getlocal.

    Andrew White, Yuichiro Kaneko

  • Add Time#sec_fraction to return the fraction of a second as a Rational.

    Andrew White

  • Add ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone config option to control how to_time handles timezones. In Ruby 2.4+ the behavior will change from converting to the local system timezone, to preserving the timezone of the receiver. This config option defaults to false so that apps made with earlier versions of Rails are not affected when upgrading, e.g:

    >> ENV['TZ'] = 'US/Eastern'
    >> "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z".to_time
    => "2016-04-23T06:23:12.000-04:00"
    >> ActiveSupport.to_time_preserves_timezone = true
    >> "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z".to_time
    => "2016-04-23T10:23:12.000Z"

    Fixes #24617.

    Andrew White

  • Add init_with to ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and ActiveSupport::TimeZone

    It is helpful to be able to run apps concurrently written in successive versions of Rails to aid migration, e.g. run Rails 4.2 and 5.0 variants of your application at the same time to carry out A/B testing.

    To do this serialization formats need to be cross compatible and the change in 3aa26cf didn't meet this criteria because the Psych loader checks for the existence of init_with before setting the instance variables and the wrapping behavior of ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone tries to see if the Time instance responds to init_with before the @time variable is set.

    To fix this we backported just the init_with behavior from the change in 3aa26cf. If the revived instance is then written out to YAML again it will revert to the default Rails 4.2 behavior of converting it to a UTC timestamp string.

    Fixes #26296.

    Andrew White

  • Fix ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#in across DST boundaries.

    Previously calls to in were being sent to the non-DST aware method Time#since via method_missing. It is now aliased to the DST aware ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#since which handles transitions across DST boundaries, e.g: = "US/Eastern"
    t =,11,6,1)
    # => Sun, 06 Nov 2016 01:00:00 EDT -05:00
    # => Sun, 06 Nov 2016 01:00:00 EST -05:00

    Fixes #26580.

    Thomas Balthazar

Rails 4.2.7 (July 12, 2016)

  • Fixed ActiveSupport::Logger.broadcast so that calls to #silence now properly delegate to all loggers. Silencing now properly suppresses logging to both the log and the console.

    Kevin McPhillips

  • Backported ActiveSupport::LoggerThreadSafeLevel. Assigning the Rails.logger.level is now thread safe.

    Kevin McPhillips

  • Fixed a problem with ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer.titleize calling capitalize on nil.

    Brian McManus

  • Time zones: Ensure that the UTC offset reflects DST changes that occurred since the app started. Removes UTC offset caching, reducing performance, but this is still relatively quick and isn't in any hot paths.

    Alexey Shein

  • Prevent Marshal.load from looping infinitely when trying to autoload a constant which resolves to a different name.

    Olek Janiszewski

Rails 4.2.6 (March 07, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 26, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails (January 25, 2015)

  • No changes.

Rails 4.2.5 (November 12, 2015)

  • Fix TimeWithZone#eql? to properly handle TimeWithZone created from DateTime: twz = twz.eql?(twz.dup) => true

    Fixes #14178.

    Roque Pinel

  • Handle invalid UTF-8 characters in MessageVerifier.verify.

    Roque Pinel, Grey Baker

Rails 4.2.4 (August 24, 2015)

  • Fix a SystemStackError when encoding an Enumerable with json gem and with the Active Support JSON encoder loaded.

    Fixes #20775.

    Sammy Larbi, Prathamesh Sonpatki

  • Fix not calling #default on HashWithIndifferentAcess#to_hash when only default_proc is set, which could raise.

    Simon Eskildsen

  • Fix setting default_proc on HashWithIndifferentAccess#dup

    Simon Eskildsen

Rails 4.2.3 (June 25, 2015)

  • Fix a range of values for parameters of the Time#change

    Nikolay Kondratyev

  • Add some missing require 'active_support/deprecation'

    Akira Matsuda

Rails 4.2.2 (June 16, 2015)

  • Fix XSS vulnerability in ActiveSupport::JSON.encode method.


    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Fix denial of service vulnerability in the XML processing.


    Aaron Patterson

Rails 4.2.1 (March 19, 2015)

  • Fixed a problem where String#truncate_words would get stuck with a complex string.

    Henrik Nygren

  • Fixed a roundtrip problem with AS::SafeBuffer where primitive-like strings will be dumped as primitives:


    YAML.load"Hello").to_yaml  # => "Hello"
    YAML.load"true").to_yaml   # => true
    YAML.load"false").to_yaml  # => false
    YAML.load"1").to_yaml      # => 1
    YAML.load"1.1").to_yaml    # => 1.1


    YAML.load"Hello").to_yaml  # => "Hello"
    YAML.load"true").to_yaml   # => "true"
    YAML.load"false").to_yaml  # => "false"
    YAML.load"1").to_yaml      # => "1"
    YAML.load"1.1").to_yaml    # => "1.1"

    Godfrey Chan

  • Replace fixed :en with I18n.default_locale in Duration#inspect.

    Dominik Masur

  • Add missing time zone definitions for Russian Federation and sync them with file from tzdata version 2014j (latest).

    Andrey Novikov

Rails 4.2.0 (December 20, 2014)

  • The decorated load and require methods are now kept private.

    Fixes #17553.

    Xavier Noria

  • String#remove and String#remove! accept multiple arguments.

    Pavel Pravosud

  • TimeWithZone#strftime now delegates every directive to Time#strftime except for '%Z', it also now correctly handles escaped '%' characters placed just before time zone related directives.

    Pablo Herrero

  • Corrected Inflector#underscore handling of multiple successive acroynms.

    James Le Cuirot

  • Delegation now works with ruby reserved words passed to :to option.

    Fixes #16956.

    Agis Anastasopoulos

  • Added method #eql? to ActiveSupport::Duration, in addition to #==.

    Currently, the following returns false, contrary to expectation:


    Adding method #eql? will make this behave like expected. Method #eql? is just a bit stricter than #==, as it checks whether the argument is also a duration. Their parts may be different though.

    1.minute.eql?(60.seconds)  # => true
    1.minute.eql?(60)          # => false

    Joost Lubach

  • Time#change can now change nanoseconds (:nsec) as a higher-precision alternative to microseconds (:usec).

    Agis Anastasooulos

  • raises an appropriate exception if the secret is nil. This prevents MessageVerifier#generate from raising a cryptic error later on.

    Kostiantyn Kahanskyi

  • Introduced new configuration option active_support.test_order for specifying the order in which test cases are executed. This option currently defaults to :sorted but will be changed to :random in Rails 5.0.

    Akira Matsuda, Godfrey Chan

  • Fixed a bug in Inflector#underscore where acroynms in nested constant names are incorrectly parsed as camelCase.

    Fixes #8015.

    Fred Wu, Matthew Draper

  • Make Time#change throw an exception if the :usec option is out of range and the time has an offset other than UTC or local.

    Agis Anastasopoulos

  • Method objects now report themselves as not duplicable?. This allows hashes and arrays containing Method objects to be deep_duped.

    Peter Jaros

  • determine_constant_from_test_name does no longer shadow NameErrors which happens during constant autoloading.

    Fixes #9933.

    Guo Xiang Tan

  • Added instance_eval version to Object#try and Object#try!, so you can do this:

    person.try { name.first }

    instead of:

    person.try { |person| }

    DHH, Ari Pollak

  • Fix the ActiveSupport::Duration#instance_of? method to return the right value with the class itself since it was previously delegated to the internal value.

    Robin Dupret

  • Fix rounding errors with #travel_to by resetting the usec on any passed time to zero, so we only travel with per-second precision, not anything deeper than that.


  • Fix DateTime comparison with DateTime::Infinity object.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Added Object#itself which returns the object itself. Useful when dealing with a chaining scenario, like Active Record scopes:

    Event.public_send(state.presence_in([ :trashed, :drafted ]) || :itself).order(:created_at)


  • Object#with_options executes block in merging option context when explicit receiver in not passed.

    Pavel Pravosud

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Oj gem when cherry-picking the file active_support/core_ext/object/json without requiring active_support/json.

    Fixes #16131.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Make Hash#with_indifferent_access copy the default proc too.

    arthurnn, Xanders

  • Add String#truncate_words to truncate a string by a number of words.

    Mohamed Osama

  • Deprecate capture and quietly.

    These methods are not thread safe and may cause issues when used in threaded environments. To avoid problems we are deprecating them.

    Tom Meier

  • DateTime#to_f now preserves the fractional seconds instead of always rounding to .0.

    Fixes #15994.

    John Paul Ashenfelter

  • Add Hash#transform_values to simplify a common pattern where the values of a hash must change, but the keys are left the same.

    Sean Griffin

  • Always instrument ActiveSupport::Cache.

    Since ActiveSupport::Notifications only instruments items when there are attached subscribers, we don't need to disable instrumentation.

    Peter Wagenet

  • Make the apply_inflections method case-insensitive when checking whether a word is uncountable or not.

    Robin Dupret

  • Make Dependencies pass a name to NameError error.


  • Fixed ActiveSupport::Cache::FileStore exploding with long paths.

    Adam Panzer, Michael Grosser

  • Fixed ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#- so precision is not unnecessarily lost when working with objects with a nanosecond component.

    ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone#- should return the same result as if we were using Time#-: - # => 86399.999999999

    Before: # => 999999999 - # => 86400.0

    After: -
    # => 86399.999999999

    Gordon Chan

  • Fixed precision error in NumberHelper when using Rationals.


    ActiveSupport::NumberHelper.number_to_rounded Rational(1000, 3), precision: 2
    # => "330.00"


    ActiveSupport::NumberHelper.number_to_rounded Rational(1000, 3), precision: 2
    # => "333.33"

    See #15379.

    Juanjo Bazán

  • Removed deprecated Numeric#ago and friends


    5.ago   => 5.seconds.ago
    5.until => 5.seconds.until
    5.since => 5.seconds.since
    5.from_now => 5.seconds.from_now

    See #12389 for the history and rationale behind this.

    Godfrey Chan

  • DateTime advance now supports partial days.

    Before: 1, hours: 12)

    After: 1.5)

    Fixes #12005.

    Shay Davidson

  • Hash#deep_transform_keys and Hash#deep_transform_keys! now transform hashes in nested arrays. This change also applies to Hash#deep_stringify_keys, Hash#deep_stringify_keys!, Hash#deep_symbolize_keys and Hash#deep_symbolize_keys!.

    OZAWA Sakuro

  • Fixed confusing DelegationError in Module#delegate.

    See #15186.

    Vladimir Yarotsky

  • Fixed ActiveSupport::Subscriber so that no duplicate subscriber is created when a subscriber method is redefined.

    Dennis Schön

  • Remove deprecated string based terminators for ActiveSupport::Callbacks.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • Fixed an issue when using ActiveSupport::NumberHelper::NumberToDelimitedConverter to convert a value that is an ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer introduced in 2da9d67.

    See #15064.

    Mark J. Titorenko

  • TimeZone#parse defaults the day of the month to '1' if any other date components are specified. This is more consistent with the behavior of Time#parse.

    Ulysse Carion

  • humanize strips leading underscores, if any.


    '_id'.humanize # => ""


    '_id'.humanize # => "Id"

    Xavier Noria

  • Fixed backward compatibility issues introduced in 326e652.

    Empty Hash or Array should not be present in serialization result.

    {a: []}.to_query # => ""
    {a: {}}.to_query # => ""

    For more info see #14948.

    Bogdan Gusiev

  • Add Digest::UUID::uuid_v3 and Digest::UUID::uuid_v5 to support stable UUID fixtures on PostgreSQL.

    Roderick van Domburg

  • Fixed ActiveSupport::Duration#eql? so that 1.second.eql?(1.second) is true.

    This fixes the current situation of:

    1.second.eql?(1.second) # => false

    eql? also requires that the other object is an ActiveSupport::Duration. This requirement makes ActiveSupport::Duration's behavior consistent with the behavior of Ruby's numeric types:

    1.eql?(1.0) # => false
    1.0.eql?(1) # => false
    1.second.eql?(1) # => false (was true)
    1.eql?(1.second) # => false
    { 1 => "foo", 1.0 => "bar" }
    # => { 1 => "foo", 1.0 => "bar" }
    { 1 => "foo", 1.second => "bar" }
    # now => { 1 => "foo", 1.second => "bar" }
    # was => { 1 => "bar" }

    And though the behavior of these hasn't changed, for reference:

    1 == 1.0 # => true
    1.0 == 1 # => true
    1 == 1.second # => true
    1.second == 1 # => true

    Emily Dobervich

  • ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer#prepend acts like String#prepend and modifies instance in-place, returning self. ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer#prepend! is deprecated.

    Pavel Pravosud

  • HashWithIndifferentAccess better respects #to_hash on objects it receives. In particular, .new, #update, #merge, and #replace accept objects which respond to #to_hash, even if those objects are not hashes directly.

    Peter Jaros

  • Deprecate Class#superclass_delegating_accessor, use Class#class_attribute instead.

    Akshay Vishnoi

  • Ensure classes which include Enumerable get #to_json in addition to #as_json.

    Sammy Larbi

  • Change the signature of fetch_multi to return a hash rather than an array. This makes it consistent with the output of read_multi.

    Parker Selbert

  • Introduce Concern#class_methods as a sleek alternative to clunky module ClassMethods. Add Kernel#concern to define at the toplevel without chunky module Foo; extend ActiveSupport::Concern boilerplate.

    # app/models/concerns/authentication.rb
    concern :Authentication do
      included do
        after_create :generate_private_key
      class_methods do
        def authenticate(credentials)
          # ...
      def generate_private_key
        # ...
    # app/models/user.rb
    class User < ActiveRecord::Base
      include Authentication

    Jeremy Kemper

Please check 4-1-stable for previous changes.

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