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Rails 4.2.9.rc1 (June 13, 2017)

  • Use more specific check for :format in route path

    The current check for whether to add an optional format to the path is very lax and will match things like :format_id where there are nested resources, e.g:

    resources :formats do
      resources :items

    Fix this by using a more restrictive regex pattern that looks for the patterns (.:format), .:format or / at the end of the path. Note that we need to allow for multiple closing parenthesis since the route may be of this form:

    get "/books(/:action(.:format))", controller: "books"

    This probably isn't what's intended since it means that the default index action route doesn't support a format but we have a test for it so we need to allow it.

    Fixes #28517.

    Andrew White

Rails 4.2.8 (February 21, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 4.2.7 (July 12, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails 4.2.6 (March 07, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 26, 2016)

  • Do not allow render with unpermitted parameter.

    Fixes CVE-2016-2098.

    Arthur Neves

Rails (January 25, 2015)

  • No changes.

Rails 4.2.5 (November 12, 2015)

  • ActionController::TestCase can teardown gracefully if an error is raised early in the setup chain.

    Yves Senn

  • Parse RSS/ATOM responses as XML, not HTML.

    Alexander Kaupanin

  • Fix regression in mounted engine named routes generation for app deployed to a subdirectory. relative_url_root was prepended to the path twice (e.g. "/subdir/subdir/engine_path" instead of "/subdir/engine_path")

    Fixes #20920. Fixes #21459.

    Matthew Erhard

  • url_for does not modify its arguments when generating polymorphic URLs.

    Bernerd Schaefer

  • Update ActionController::TestSession#fetch to behave more like ActionDispatch::Request::Session#fetch when using non-string keys.

    Jeremy Friesen

Rails 4.2.4 (August 24, 2015)

  • ActionController::TestSession now accepts a default value as well as a block for generating a default value based off the key provided.

    This fixes calls to session#fetch in ApplicationController instances that take more two arguments or a block from raising ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) when performing controller tests.

    Matthew Gerrior

  • Fix to keep original header instance in ActionDispatch::SSL

    ActionDispatch::SSL changes headers to Hash. So some headers will be broken if there are some middlewares on ActionDispatch::SSL and if it uses Rack::Utils::HeaderHash.

    Fumiaki Matsushima

Rails 4.2.3 (June 25, 2015)

  • Fix rake routes not showing the right format when nesting multiple routes.

    See #18373.

    Ravil Bayramgalin

  • Fix regression where a gzip file response would have a Content-type, even when it was a 304 status code.

    See #19271.

    Kohei Suzuki

  • Fix handling of empty X_FORWARDED_HOST header in raw_host_with_port

    Previously, an empty X_FORWARDED_HOST header would cause Actiondispatch::Http:URL.raw_host_with_port to return nil, causing to raise a NoMethodError.

    Adam Forsyth

  • Fallback to ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] in url_for.

    Fixed an issue where the RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT environment variable is not prepended to the path when url_for is called. If SCRIPT_NAME (used by Rack) is set, it takes precedence.

    Fixes #5122.

    Yasyf Mohamedali

  • Fix regression in functional tests. Responses should have default headers assigned.

    See #18423.

    Jeremy Kemper, Yves Senn

Rails 4.2.2 (June 16, 2015)

  • No Changes *

Rails 4.2.1 (March 19, 2015)

  • Non-string authenticity tokens do not raise NoMethodError when decoding the masked token.

    Ville Lautanala

  • Explicitly ignored wildcard verbs when searching for HEAD routes before fallback

    Fixes an issue where a mounted rack app at root would intercept the HEAD request causing an incorrect behavior during the fall back to GET requests.


    draw do
        get '/home' => 'test#index'
        mount rack_app, at: '/'
    head '/home'
    assert_response :success

    In this case, a HEAD request runs through the routes the first time and fails to match anything. Then, it runs through the list with the fallback and matches get '/home'. The original behavior would match the rack app in the first pass.

    Terence Sun

  • Preserve default format when generating URLs

    Fixes an issue that would cause the format set in default_url_options to be lost when generating URLs with fewer positional arguments than parameters in the route definition.

    Backport of #18627

    Tekin Suleyman, Dominic Baggott

  • Default headers, removed in controller actions, are no longer reapplied on the test response.

    Jonas Baumann

  • Ensure append_info_to_payload is called even if an exception is raised.

    Fixes an issue where when an exception is raised in the request the additonal payload data is not available.


    Dieter Komendera, Margus Pärt

  • Correctly rely on the response's status code to handle calls to head.

    Robin Dupret

  • Using head method returns empty response_body instead of returning a single space " ".

    The old behavior was added as a workaround for a bug in an early version of Safari, where the HTTP headers are not returned correctly if the response body has a 0-length. This is been fixed since and the workaround is no longer necessary.

    Fixes #18253.

    Prathamesh Sonpatki

  • Fix how polymorphic routes works with objects that implement to_model.

    Travis Grathwell

  • Fixed handling of positional url helper arguments when format: false.

    Fixes #17819.

    Andrew White, Tatiana Soukiassian

  • Fixed usage of optional scopes in URL helpers.

    Alex Robbin

Rails 4.2.0 (December 20, 2014)

  • Add ActionController::Parameters#to_unsafe_h to return an unfiltered Hash representation of Parameters object. This is now a preferred way to retrieve unfiltered parameters as we will stop inheriting AC::Parameters object in Rails 5.0.

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • Restore handling of a bare Authorization header, without token= prefix.

    Fixes #17108.

    Guo Xiang Tan

  • Deprecate use of string keys in URL helpers.

    Use symbols instead. Fixes #16958.

    Byron Bischoff, Melanie Gilman

  • Deprecate the only_path option on *_path helpers.

    In cases where this option is set to true, the option is redundant and can be safely removed; otherwise, the corresponding *_url helper should be used instead.

    Fixes #17294.

    Dan Olson, Godfrey Chan

  • Improve Journey compliance to RFC 3986.

    The scanner in Journey failed to recognize routes that use literals from the sub-delims section of RFC 3986. It's now able to parse those authorized delimiters and route as expected.

    Fixes #17212.

    Nicolas Cavigneaux

  • Deprecate implicit Array conversion for Response objects. It was added (using #to_ary) so we could conveniently use implicit splatting:

    status, headers, body = response

    But it also means response + response works and [response].flatten cascades down to the Rack body. Nonsense behavior. Instead, rely on explicit conversion and splatting with #to_a:

    status, header, body = *response

    Jeremy Kemper

  • Don't rescue IPAddr::InvalidAddressError.

    IPAddr::InvalidAddressError does not exist in Ruby 1.9.3 and fails for JRuby in 1.9 mode.

    Peter Suschlik

  • Fix bug where the router would ignore any constraints added to redirect routes.

    Fixes #16605.

    Agis Anastasopoulos

  • Allow config.action_dispatch.trusted_proxies to accept an IPAddr object.


    # config/environments/production.rb
    config.action_dispatch.trusted_proxies ='')

    Sam Aarons

  • Avoid duplicating routes for HEAD requests.

    Instead of duplicating the routes, we will first match the HEAD request to HEAD routes. If no match is found, we will then map the HEAD request to GET routes.

    Guo Xiang Tan, Andrew White

  • Requests that hit ActionDispatch::Static can now take advantage of gzipped assets on disk. By default a gzip asset will be served if the client supports gzip and a compressed file is on disk.

    Richard Schneeman

  • ActionController::Parameters will stop inheriting from Hash and HashWithIndifferentAccess in the next major release. If you use any method that is not available on ActionController::Parameters you should consider calling #to_h to convert it to a Hash first before calling that method.

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • ActionController::Parameters#to_h now returns a Hash with unpermitted keys removed. This change is to reflect on a security concern where some method performed on an ActionController::Parameters may yield a Hash object which does not maintain permitted? status. If you would like to get a Hash with all the keys intact, duplicate and mark it as permitted before calling #to_h.

    params ={
      name: 'Senjougahara Hitagi',
      oddity: 'Heavy stone crab'
    # => {}
    unsafe_params = params.dup.permit!
    # => {"name"=>"Senjougahara Hitagi", "oddity"=>"Heavy stone crab"}
    safe_params = params.permit(:name)
    # => {"name"=>"Senjougahara Hitagi"}

    This change is consider a stopgap as we cannot change the code to stop ActionController::Parameters to inherit from HashWithIndifferentAccess in the next minor release.

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • Deprecated TagAssertions.

    Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Use the Active Support JSON encoder for cookie jars using the :json or :hybrid serializer. This allows you to serialize custom Ruby objects into cookies by defining the #as_json hook on such objects.

    Fixes #16520.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Add config.action_dispatch.cookies_digest option for setting custom digest. The default remains the same - 'SHA1'.

    Łukasz Strzałkowski

  • Move respond_with (and the class-level respond_to) to the responders gem.

    José Valim

  • When your templates change, browser caches bust automatically.

    New default: the template digest is automatically included in your ETags. When you call fresh_when @post, the digest for posts/show.html.erb is mixed in so future changes to the HTML will blow HTTP caches for you. This makes it easy to HTTP-cache many more of your actions.

    If you render a different template, you can now pass the :template option to include its digest instead:

    fresh_when @post, template: 'widgets/show'

    Pass template: false to skip the lookup. To turn this off entirely, set:

    config.action_controller.etag_with_template_digest = false

    Jeremy Kemper

  • Remove deprecated AbstractController::Helpers::ClassMethods::MissingHelperError in favor of AbstractController::Helpers::MissingHelperError.

    Yves Senn

  • Fix assert_template not being able to assert that no files were rendered.

    Guo Xiang Tan

  • Extract source code for the entire exception stack trace for better debugging and diagnosis.

    Ryan Dao

  • Allows ActionDispatch::Request::LOCALHOST to match any IPv4 loopback address.

    Earl St Sauver, Sven Riedel

  • Preserve original path in ShowExceptions middleware by stashing it as env["action_dispatch.original_path"]

    ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions overwrites PATH_INFO with the status code for the exception defined in ExceptionWrapper, so the path the user was visiting when an exception occurred was not previously available to any custom exceptions_app. The original PATH_INFO is now stashed in env["action_dispatch.original_path"].

    Grey Baker

  • Use String#bytesize instead of String#size when checking for cookie overflow.

    Agis Anastasopoulos

  • render nothing: true or rendering a nil body no longer add a single space to the response body.

    The old behavior was added as a workaround for a bug in an early version of Safari, where the HTTP headers are not returned correctly if the response body has a 0-length. This is been fixed since and the workaround is no longer necessary.

    Use render body: ' ' if the old behavior is desired.

    See #14883 for details.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Prepend a JS comment to JSONP callbacks. Addresses CVE-2014-4671 ("Rosetta Flash").

    Greg Campbell

  • Because URI paths may contain non US-ASCII characters we need to force the encoding of any unescaped URIs to UTF-8 if they are US-ASCII. This essentially replicates the functionality of the monkey patch to URI.parser.unescape in active_support/core_ext/uri.rb.

    Fixes #16104.

    Karl Entwistle

  • Generate shallow paths for all children of shallow resources.

    Fixes #15783.

    Seb Jacobs

  • JSONP responses are now rendered with the text/javascript content type when rendering through a respond_to block.

    Fixes #15081.

    Lucas Mazza

  • Add config.action_controller.always_permitted_parameters to configure which parameters are permitted globally. The default value of this configuration is ['controller', 'action'].

    Gary S. Weaver, Rafael Chacon

  • Fix env['PATH_INFO'] missing leading slash when a rack app mounted at '/'.

    Fixes #15511.

    Larry Lv

  • ActionController::Parameters#require now accepts false values.

    Fixes #15685.

    Sergio Romano

  • With authorization header Authorization: Token token=, authenticate now recognize token as nil, instead of "token".

    Fixes #14846.

    Larry Lv

  • Ensure the controller is always notified as soon as the client disconnects during live streaming, even when the controller is blocked on a write.

    Nicholas Jakobsen, Matthew Draper

  • Routes specifying 'to:' must be a string that contains a "#" or a rack application. Use of a symbol should be replaced with action: symbol. Use of a string without a "#" should be replaced with controller: string.

    Aaron Patterson

  • Fix URL generation with :trailing_slash such that it does not add a trailing slash after .:format

    Dan Langevin

  • Build full URI as string when processing path in integration tests for performance reasons. One consequence of this is that the leading slash is now required in integration test process helpers, whereas previously it could be omitted. The fact that this worked was a unintended consequence of the implementation and was never an intentional feature.

    Guo Xiang Tan

  • Fix 'Stack level too deep' when rendering head :ok in an action method called 'status' in a controller.

    Fixes #13905.

    Christiaan Van den Poel

  • Add MKCALENDAR HTTP method (RFC 4791).

    Sergey Karpesh

  • Instrument fragment cache metrics.

    Adds :controller: and :action keys to the instrumentation payload for the *_fragment.action_controller notifications. This allows tracking e.g. the fragment cache hit rates for each controller action.

    Daniel Schierbeck

  • Always use the provided port if the protocol is relative.

    Fixes #15043.

    Guilherme Cavalcanti, Andrew White

  • Moved params[request_forgery_protection_token] into its own method and improved tests.

    Fixes #11316.

    Tom Kadwill

  • Added verification of route constraints given as a Proc or an object responding to :matches?. Previously, when given an non-complying object, it would just silently fail to enforce the constraint. It will now raise an ArgumentError when setting up the routes.

    Xavier Defrang

  • Properly treat the entire IPv6 User Local Address space as private for purposes of remote IP detection. Also handle uppercase private IPv6 addresses.

    Fixes #12638.

    Caleb Spare

  • Fixed an issue with migrating legacy json cookies.

    Previously, the VerifyAndUpgradeLegacySignedMessage assumes all incoming cookies are marshal-encoded. This is not the case when secret_token is used in conjunction with the :json or :hybrid serializer.

    In those case, when upgrading to use secret_key_base, this would cause a TypeError: incompatible marshal file format and a 500 error for the user.

    Fixes #14774.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Make URL escaping more consistent:

    1. Escape '%' characters in URLs - only unescaped data should be passed to URL helpers
    2. Add an escape_segment helper to Router::Utils that escapes '/' characters
    3. Use escape_segment rather than escape_fragment in optimized URL generation
    4. Use escape_segment rather than escape_path in URL generation

    For point 4 there are two exceptions. Firstly, when a route uses wildcard segments (e.g. *foo) then we use escape_path as the value may contain '/' characters. This means that wildcard routes can't be optimized. Secondly, if a :controller segment is used in the path then this uses escape_path as the controller may be namespaced.

    Fixes #14629, #14636 and #14070.

    Andrew White, Edho Arief

  • Add alias ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile#to_io to ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile#tempfile.

    Tim Linquist

  • Returns null type format when format is not know and controller is using any format block.

    Fixes #14462.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Improve routing error page with fuzzy matching search.


  • Only make deeply nested routes shallow when parent is shallow.

    Fixes #14684.

    Andrew White, James Coglan

  • Append link to bad code to backtrace when exception is SyntaxError.

    Boris Kuznetsov

  • Swapped the parameters of assert_equal in assert_select so that the proper values were printed correctly.

    Fixes #14422.

    Vishal Lal

  • The method shallow? returns false if the parent resource is a singleton so we need to check if we're not inside a nested scope before copying the :path and :as options to their shallow equivalents.

    Fixes #14388.

    Andrew White

  • Make logging of CSRF failures optional (but on by default) with the log_warning_on_csrf_failure configuration setting in ActionController::RequestForgeryProtection.

    John Barton

  • Fix URL generation in controller tests with request-dependent default_url_options methods.

    Tony Wooster

Please check 4-1-stable for previous changes.