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Rails 5.0.5.rc2 (July 25, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.5.rc1 (July 19, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.4 (June 19, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.3 (May 12, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.2 (March 01, 2017)

  • Allow render locals to be assigned to instance variables in a view.

    Fixes #27480.

    Andrew White

  • Return correct object name in form helper method after fields_for.

    Fixes #26931.

    Yuji Yaginuma

Rails 5.0.1 (December 21, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.1.rc2 (December 10, 2016)

  • Restore support for locals named _, arg, args, and block.

    Fixes #27302.


Rails 5.0.1.rc1 (December 01, 2016)

  • Fix support to ActionController::Parameters in button_to.

    Jon Moss

  • Render now accepts any keys for locals, including reserved words

    Only locals with valid variable names get set directly. Others will still be available in local_assigns.

    Example of render with reserved words:

    <%= render "example", class: "text-center", message: "Hello world!" %>
    <!-- _example.html.erb: -->
    <%= tag.div class: local_assigns[:class] do %>
      <p><%= message %></p>
    <% end %>

    Peter Schilling, Matthew Draper

  • Changed partial rendering with a collection to allow collections which implement to_a.

    Extracting the collection option had an optimization to avoid unnecessary queries of ActiveRecord Relations by calling #to_ary on the given collection. Instances of Enumerator or Enumerable are valid collections, but they do not implement #to_ary. By changing this to #to_a, they will now be extracted and rendered as expected.

    Steven Harman

  • Fix ActionView::Helpers#current_page? to work properly even with a trailing slash.

    Fixes #19472.

    Stan Lo

Rails 5.0.0 (June 30, 2016)

  • Changed partial rendering with a collection to allow collections which implement to_a.

    Extracting the collection option had an optimization to avoid unnecessary queries of ActiveRecord Relations by calling #to_ary on the given collection. Instances of Enumerator or Enumerable are valid collections, but they do not implement #to_ary. By changing this to #to_a, they will now be extracted and rendered as expected.

    Steven Harman

  • Change datetime_field and datetime_field_tag to generate datetime-local fields.

    As a new specification of the HTML 5 the text field type datetime will no longer exist and it is recomended to use datetime-local. Ref:

    Herminio Torres

  • Raw template handler (which is also the default template handler in Rails 5) now outputs HTML-safe strings.

    In Rails 5 the default template handler was changed to the raw template handler. Because the ERB template handler escaped strings by default this broke some applications that expected plain JS or HTML files to be rendered unescaped. This fixes the issue caused by changing the default handler by changing the Raw template handler to output HTML-safe strings.

    Eileen M. Uchitelle

  • select_tag's include_blank option for generation for blank option tag, now adds an empty space label, when the value as well as content for option tag are empty, so that we confirm with html specification. Ref:

    Generation of option before:

    <option value=""></option>

    Generation of option after:

    <option value="" label=" "></option>

    *Vipul A M *

  • date_select helper :with_css_classes option now accepts a hash of strings for :year, :month, :day, :hour, :minute, :second that will extend the select type with the given css class value.

    <%= f.date_select :birthday, with_css_classes: { month: "my-month", year: "my-year" } %>
    <select id="user_birthday_3i" name="user[birthday(3i)]"></select>
    <select id="user_birthday_2i" name="user[birthday(2i)]" class="my-month"></select>
    <select id="user_birthday_1i" name="user[birthday(1i)]" class="my-year"></select>

    Matthias Neumayr

  • Add to_sentence helper that is a HTML-safe aware version of Array#to_sentence.

    Neil Matatall

  • Added log "Rendering ...", when starting to render a template to log that we have started rendering something. This helps to easily identify the origin of queries in the log whether they came from controller or views.

    Vipul A M and Prem Sichanugrist

  • Collection rendering can cache and fetch multiple partials at once.

    Collections rendered as:

    <%= render partial: 'notifications/notification', collection: @notifications, as: :notification, cached: true %>

    will read several partials from cache at once. The templates in the collection that haven't been cached already will automatically be written to cache. Works great alongside individual template fragment caching. For instance if the template the collection renders is cached like:

    # notifications/_notification.html.erb
    <% cache notification do %>
      <%# ... %>
    <% end %>

    Then any collection renders shares that cache when attempting to read multiple ones at once.

    Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Add support for nested hashes/arrays to :params option of button_to helper.

    James Coleman

  • Fix stripping the digest from the automatically generated img tag alt attribute when assets are handled by Sprockets >=3.0.

    Bart de Water

  • Create a new ActiveSupport::SafeBuffer instance when content_for is flushed.

    Fixes #19890.

    Yoong Kang Lim

  • Fix collection_radio_buttons hidden_field name and make it appear before the actual input radio tags to make the real value override the hidden when passed.

    Fixes #22773.

    Santiago Pastorino

  • ActionView::TestCase::Controller#params returns an instance of ActionController::Parameters.

    Justin Coyne

  • Fix regression in submit_tag when a symbol is used as label argument.

    Yuuji Yaginuma

  • I18n.translate helper will wrap the missing translation keys in a tag only if debug_missing_translation configuration be true. Default value is true. For example in application.rb:

    in order to turn off missing key wrapping

    config.action_view.debug_missing_translation = false

    Sameer Rahmani

  • Respect value of :object if :object is false when rendering.

    Fixes #22260.

    Yuichiro Kaneko

  • Generate week_field input values using a 1-based index and not a 0-based index as per the W3 spec:

    Christoph Geschwind

  • Allow host option in javascript_include_tag and stylesheet_link_tag helpers

    Grzegorz Witek

  • Restrict url_for :back to valid, non-JavaScript URLs. GH#14444

    Damien Burke

  • Allow date_select helper selected option to accept hash like the default options.

    Lecky Lao

  • Collection input propagates input's id to the label's for attribute when using html options as the last element of collection.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Add a hidden_field on the collection_radio_buttons to avoid raising an error when the only input on the form is the collection_radio_buttons.

    Mauro George

  • url_for does not modify its arguments when generating polymorphic URLs.

    Bernerd Schaefer

  • number_to_currency and number_with_delimiter now accept a custom delimiter_pattern option to handle placement of delimiter, to support currency formats like INR.


    number_to_currency(1230000, delimiter_pattern: /(\d+?)(?=(\d\d)+(\d)(?!\d))/, unit: '₹', format: "%u %n")
    # => '₹ 12,30,000.00'

    Vipul A M

  • Make disable_with the default behavior for submit tags. Disables the button on submit to prevent double submits.

    Justin Schiff

  • Add a break_sequence option to word_wrap so you can specify a custom break.

    Mauricio Gomez

  • Add wildcard matching to explicit dependencies.


    <% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/subscribers_changed %>
    <% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/completed %>
    <% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/uncompleted %>


    <% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/* %>

    Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Allow defining explicit collection caching using a # Template Collection: ... directive inside templates.

    Dov Murik

  • Asset helpers raise ArgumentError when nil is passed as a source.

    Anton Kolomiychuk

  • Always attach the template digest to the cache key for collection caching even when virtual_path is not available from the view context. Which could happen if the rendering was done directly in the controller and not in a template.

    Fixes #20535.

    Roque Pinel

  • Improve detection of partial templates eligible for collection caching, now allowing multi-line comments at the beginning of the template file.

    Dov Murik

  • Raise an ArgumentError when a false value for include_blank is passed to a required select field (to comply with the HTML5 spec).

    Grey Baker

  • Do not put partial name to local_assigns when rendering without an object or a collection.

    Henrik Nygren

  • Remove :rescue_format option for translate helper since it's no longer supported by I18n.

    Bernard Potocki

  • translate should handle raise flag correctly in case of both main and default translation is missing.

    Fixes #19967.

    Bernard Potocki

  • Load the default_form_builder from the controller on initialization, which overrides the global config if it is present.

    Kevin McPhillips

  • Accept lambda as child_index option in fields_for method.

    Karol Galanciak

  • translate allows default: [[]] again for a default value of [].

    Fixes #19640.

    Adam Prescott

  • translate should accept nils as members of the :default parameter without raising a translation missing error.

    Fixes #19419.

    Justin Coyne

  • number_to_percentage does not crash with Float::NAN or Float::INFINITY as input when precision: 0 is used.

    Fixes #19227.

    Yves Senn

  • Fixed the translation helper method to accept different default values types besides String.

    Ulisses Almeida

  • Fixed a dependency tracker bug that caused template dependencies not count layouts as dependencies for partials.

    Juho Leinonen

  • Extracted ActionView::Helpers::RecordTagHelper to external gem (record_tag_helper) and added removal notices.

    Todd Bealmear

  • Allow to pass an integer value to size option in image_tag and video_tag.

    This makes the behavior more consistent with width or height options.

    Mehdi Lahmam

  • Partial template name does no more have to be a valid Ruby identifier.

    There used to be a naming rule that the partial name should start with underscore, and should be followed by any combination of letters, numbers and underscores. But now we can give our partials any name starting with underscore, such as _🍔.html.erb.

    Akira Matsuda

  • Change the default template handler from ERB to Raw.

    Files without a template handler in their extension will be rendered using the raw handler instead of ERB.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated AbstractController::Base::parent_prefixes.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Default translations that have a lower precedence than a html safe default, but are not themselves safe, should not be marked as html_safe.

    Justin Coyne

  • Make possible to use blocks with short version of render "partial" helper.

    Nikolay Shebanov

  • Add a hidden_field on the file_field to avoid raising an error when the only input on the form is the file_field.

    Mauro George

  • Add support for Reply-To field in mail_to helper.

    Mark Dodwell

  • Add an explicit error message, in ActionView::PartialRenderer for partial rendering, when the value of option as has invalid characters.

    Angelo Capilleri

  • Allow entries without a link tag in AtomFeedHelper.

    Daniel Gomez de Souza

Please check 4-2-stable for previous changes.

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