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Rails 5.1.5 (February 14, 2018)

  • Bring back proc with arity of 1 in ActionMailer::Base.default proc since it was supported in Rails 5.0 but not deprecated.

    Jimmy Bourassa

Rails 5.1.4 (September 07, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.4.rc1 (August 24, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.3 (August 03, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.3.rc3 (July 31, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.3.rc2 (July 25, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.3.rc1 (July 19, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.2 (June 26, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.1 (May 12, 2017)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.1.0 (April 27, 2017)

  • Add :args to process.action_mailer event.

    Yuji Yaginuma

  • Add parameterized invocation of mailers as a way to share before filters and defaults between actions. See ActionMailer::Parameterized for a full example of the benefit.


  • Allow lambdas to be used as lazy defaults in addition to procs.


  • Mime type: allow to custom content type when setting body in headers and attachments.


    def test_emails
      attachments["invoice.pdf"] = "This is test File content"
      mail(body: "Hello there", content_type: "text/html")

    Minh Quy

  • Exception handling: use rescue_from to handle exceptions raised by mailer actions, by message delivery, and by deferred delivery jobs.

    Jeremy Daer

Please check 5-0-stable for previous changes.

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