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## Rails 3.2.0 (unreleased) ##
+* Turn gem has been removed from default Gemfile. We still looking for a best presentation for tests output. *Guillermo Iguaran*
* Rails::Plugin is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 4.0. Instead of adding plugins to vendor/plugins use gems or bundler with path or git dependencies. *Santiago Pastorino*
* Guides are available as a single .mobi for the Kindle and free Kindle readers apps. *Michael Pearson & Xavier Noria*
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* Update Rails::Rack::Logger middleware to apply any tags set in config.log_tags to the newly ActiveSupport::TaggedLogging Rails.logger. This makes it easy to tag log lines with debug information like subdomain and request id -- both very helpful in debugging multi-user production applications *DHH*
-* Default options to `rails new` can be set in ~/.railsrc *Guillermo Iguaran*
+* Default options to `rails new` can be set in ~/.railsrc. You can specify extra command-line arguments to be used every time
+ 'rails new' runs in the .railsrc configuration file in your home directory. *Guillermo Iguaran*
* Add destroy alias to Rails engines *Guillermo Iguaran*
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*GH 2564*
*José Valim*
## Rails 3.1.1 (October 07, 2011) ##
* Add jquery-rails to Gemfile of plugins, test/dummy app needs it. Closes #3091. *Santiago Pastorino*

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