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Add changelog entry for 9d6e28

Since this changes a default setting a changelog entry is important.
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eileencodes committed Nov 30, 2017
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* Changed the default system test screenshot output from `inline` to `simple`.
`inline` works well for iTerm2 but not everyone uses iTerm2. Some terminals like ignore the `inline` and output the path to the file since it can't
render the image. Other terminals, like those on Ubuntu, cannot handle the image
inline, but also don't handle it gracefully and instead of outputting the file
path, it dumps binary into the terminal.
Commit 9d6e28 fixes this by changing the default for screenshot to be `simple`.
*Eileen M. Uchitelle*
* Register most popular audio/video/font mime types supported by modern browsers.
*Guillermo Iguaran*

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