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Add `#on_weekday?` method to `Date`, `Time`, and `DateTime`.

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vipulnsward committed Feb 15, 2016
1 parent f800e00 commit 02a9e03c352e7c10e379368f6b41b0e2eaede07c
@@ -1,8 +1,16 @@
* Add `#on_weekday?` method to `Date`, `Time`, and `DateTime`.
`#on_weekday?` returns `true` if the receiving date/time does not fall on a Saturday
or Sunday.
*Vipul A M*
* Add `Array#second_to_last` and `Array#third_to_last` methods.
*Brian Christian*
* Fix regression in `Hash#dig` for HashWithIndifferentAccess.
*Jon Moss*
## Rails 5.0.0.beta2 (February 01, 2016) ##
@@ -51,6 +51,11 @@ def on_weekend?
# Returns true if the date/time does not fall on a Saturday or Sunday.
def on_weekday?
# Returns a new date/time the specified number of days ago.
def days_ago(days)
advance(:days => -days)
@@ -301,6 +301,16 @@ def test_on_weekend_on_monday
assert_not date_time_init(2015,1,5,15,15,10).on_weekend?
def test_on_weekday_on_sunday
assert_not date_time_init(2015,1,4,0,0,0).on_weekday?
assert_not date_time_init(2015,1,4,15,15,10).on_weekday?
def test_on_weekday_on_monday
assert date_time_init(2015,1,5,0,0,0).on_weekday?
assert date_time_init(2015,1,5,15,15,10).on_weekday?
def with_bw_default(bw = :monday)
old_bw = Date.beginning_of_week
Date.beginning_of_week = bw
@@ -705,7 +705,7 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog][active-support] for detailed changes.
* Changed the default test order from `:sorted` to `:random`.
* Added `#on_weekend?`, `#next_weekday`, `#prev_weekday` methods to `Date`,
* Added `#on_weekend?`, `#on_weekday?`, `#next_weekday`, `#prev_weekday` methods to `Date`,
`Time`, and `DateTime`.
([Pull Request](

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