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Add note about upgrading custom routes from `put` to `patch`.

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@@ -41,6 +41,24 @@ So, in Rails 4 both `PUT` and `PATCH` are routed to update. We recommend
switching to `PATCH` as part of your upgrade process if possible, as it's more
likely what you want.
+Note, when using `form_for` to update a resource in conjunction with a custom route,
+you'll need to update your route to explicity match the `patch` verb:
+<%= form_for [ :update_name, @user ] do |f| %>
+ ...
+<% end %>
+resources :users do
+ # Rails 3
+ put :update_name, on: :member
+ # Rails 4
+ patch :update_name, on: :member
For more on PATCH and why this change was made, see [this post](
on the Rails blog.

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