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Document the deprecation of ActionView::RecordIdentifier

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@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@ Rails 4.0 extracted Active Resource to its own gem. If you still need the featur
* Rails 4.0 changes the default memcached client from `memcache-client` to `dalli`. To upgrade, simply add `gem 'dalli'` to your `Gemfile`.
+* Rails 4.0 deprecates the `dom_id` and `dom_class` methods. You will need to include the `ActionView::RecordIdentifier` module in controllers requiring this feature.
* Rails 4.0 changed how `assert_generates`, `assert_recognizes`, and `assert_routing` work. Now all these assertions raise `Assertion` instead of `ActionController::RoutingError`.
* Rails 4.0 also changed the way unicode character routes are drawn. Now you can draw unicode character routes directly. If you already draw such routes, you must change them, for example:

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