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The +validates_exclusion_of+ helper has an option +:in+ that receives the set of values that will not be accepted for the validated attributes. The +:in+ option has an alias called +:within+ that you can use for the same purpose, if you'd like to. In the previous example we used the +:message+ option to show how we can personalize it with the current attribute's value, through the +%s+ format mask.
-The default error message for +validates_exclusion_of+ is "_is not included in the list_"
+The default error message for +validates_exclusion_of+ is "_is not included in the list_".
=== The +validates_format_of+ helper
+This helper validates the attributes's values by testing if they match a given pattern. This pattern must be specified using a Ruby regular expression, which must be passed through the +:with+ option.
+[source, ruby]
+class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
+ validates_format_of :description, :with => /^[a-zA-Z]+$/, :message => "Only letters allowed"
+The default error message for +validates_format_of+ is "_is invalid_".
=== The +validates_inclusion_of+ helper
=== The +validates_length_of+ helper

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