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Add CHANGELOG entry for inflection removal

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+* Remove 'cow' => 'kine' irregular inflection from default inflections.
+ *Andrew White*
* Add `DateTime#to_s(:iso8601)` and `Date#to_s(:iso8601)` for consistency.
*Andrew White*

4 comments on commit 0423d9c

dhh commented on 0423d9c Aug 13, 2013

Andrew, what's the story behind this removal? The inflection list is sacred unless there's an exceedingly good reason to mess with it.


The cow to kine pluralization is archaic English - it's not used in modern English and it has caught people out, e.g:

So I went back to the original Trac report to see the justification for adding it:

My reading of that is that it was added as a test case for when an irregular pluralization begins with a different letter than the singular form - the cow => kine one being the only example anyone could find in English. So I've left the test cases in place but just taken it out from the default list of pluralizations. Now seemed like a good time since we've just shipped 4.0 and 4.1 will be a while yet.

Ordinarily, I'd agree with the sacred nature of the inflection list but this seemed to be a fix we could make with minimal impact.

dhh commented on 0423d9c Aug 16, 2013

The number of times someone is going to get snagged by this is exceptionally low. And if they do, it's a very easy fix

Actually it's not that easy - it's added as an irregular so you need to clear all of the plurals and singulars and then add in all the default inflections minus cow -> kine.

Whilst the idea of having some eccentricities is appealing, I think the cattle breeding web application market is a crucial area for Rails to expand into so I'm in favour of keeping it. 😄

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