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Validations guide: validates_with init clarification.

As discussed with @josevalim on Ruby Rogues Parley.
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@@ -618,6 +618,35 @@ class GoodnessValidator < ActiveModel::Validator
+Note that the validator will be initialized *only once* for the whole application
+life cycle, and not on each validation run, so be careful about using instance
+variables inside it.
+If your validator is complex enough that you want instance variables, you can
+easily use a plain old Ruby object instead:
+class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
+ validate do |person|
+ end
+class GoodnessValidator
+ def initialize(person)
+ @person = person
+ end
+ def validate
+ if some_complex_condition_involving_ivars_and_private_methods?
+ @person.errors[:base] << "This person is evil"
+ end
+ end
+ # …
### `validates_each`
This helper validates attributes against a block. It doesn't have a predefined
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