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AS guide: Object#returning is gone

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@@ -157,21 +157,6 @@ WARNING. Using +duplicable?+ is discouraged because it depends on a hard-coded l
NOTE: Defined in +active_support/core_ext/object/duplicable.rb+.
h4. +returning+
The method +returning+ yields its argument to a block and returns it. You typically use it with a mutable object that gets modified in the block:
def html_options_for_form(url_for_options, options, *parameters_for_url)
returning options.stringify_keys do |html_options|
html_options["enctype"] = "multipart/form-data" if html_options.delete("multipart")
html_options["action"] = url_for(url_for_options, *parameters_for_url)
NOTE: Defined in +active_support/core_ext/object/returning.rb+.
h4. +try+
Sometimes you want to call a method provided the receiver object is not +nil+, which is something you usually check first.

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