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[ci skip] typo in ArgumentError in
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Carlos Antonio da Silva carlosantoniodasilva authored

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@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog](
137 137
138 138 * `Object#try` will now return nil instead of raise a NoMethodError if the receiving object does not implement the method, but you can still get the old behavior by using the new `Object#try!`.
139 139
140   -* `String#to_date` now raises `Argument Error: invalid date` instead of `NoMethodError: undefined method 'div' for nil:NilClass`
  140 +* `String#to_date` now raises `ArgumentError: invalid date` instead of `NoMethodError: undefined method 'div' for nil:NilClass`
141 141 when given an invalid date. It is now the same as `Date.parse`, and it accepts more invalid dates than 3.x, such as:
142 142
143 143 ```

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