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Revert "outline two ways to invoke a custom active model validator"

This reverts commit d163d3b.

Reason: The alternate approach can be documented in the guide and
not disrupt the existing flow in the readme.
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1 parent 53f61ac commit 09298e42578740094130f4a6536b944a7733d7f1 @vijaydev vijaydev committed Nov 5, 2011
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@@ -162,21 +162,13 @@ modules:
{Learn more}[link:classes/ActiveModel/Validations.html]
* Custom validators
- class Person
- include ActiveModel::Validations
- validates_with HasNameValidator
- attr_accessor :name
- end
class Person
include ActiveModel::Validations
- validates :name, :has_name => true
+ validates_with HasNameValidator
attr_accessor :name
- You could use any of the two ways mentioned above to use a Custom Validator.
class HasNameValidator < ActiveModel::Validator
def validate(record)
record.errors[:name] = "must exist" if

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