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reinstate changelog that seems to have been accidentally deleted o_O

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*Jon Leighton*
+* `Model.all` now returns an `ActiveRecord::Relation`, rather than an
+ array of records. Use `Model.to_a` or `Relation#to_a` if you really
+ want an array.
+ In some specific cases, this may cause breakage when upgrading.
+ However in most cases the `ActiveRecord::Relation` will just act as a
+ lazy-loaded array and there will be no problems.
+ Note that calling `Model.all` with options (e.g.
+ `Model.all(conditions: '...')` was already deprecated, but it will
+ still return an array in order to make the transition easier.
+ `Model.scoped` is deprecated in favour of `Model.all`.
+ `Relation#all` still returns an array, but is deprecated (since it
+ would serve no purpose if we made it return a `Relation`).
+ *Jon Leighton*
* `:finder_sql` and `:counter_sql` options on collection associations
are deprecated. Please transition to using scopes.

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