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@@ -463,6 +463,33 @@ command will apply to the database defined in the +development+ section of your
environment, for instance in production, you must explicitly pass it when
invoking the command: <tt>rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production</tt>.
+h4. Saving data in the controller
+Back into +posts_controller+, we need to change the +create+ action
+to use the new +Post+ model to save data in the database. Open that file
+and change the +create+ action to look like the following:
+def create
+ @post =[:post])
+ redirect_to :action => :index
+Here's what's going on: every Rails model can be initialized with its
+respective attributes, which are automatically mapped to its
+database columns. In the first line we do just that (remember that
++params[:post]+ contains the attributes we're interested in). Then, is responsible for saving the model in the database.
+Finally, on the last line we redirect the user to the +index+ action,
+wich we have not defined yet.
+TIP: As we'll see later, returns a boolean indicating
+wherever the model was saved or not, and you can (and usually do) take
+different actions depending on the result of calling
h4. Adding a Link
To hook the posts up to the home page you've already created, you can add a link

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