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Update 2.3 release notes.

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@@ -399,6 +399,7 @@ h4. Other Action View Changes
* Token generation for CSRF protection has been simplified; now Rails uses a simple random string generated by +ActiveSupport::SecureRandom+ rather than mucking around with session IDs.
* +auto_link+ now properly applies options (such as +:target+ and +:class+) to generated e-mail links.
* The +autolink+ helper has been refactored to make it a bit less messy and more intuitive.
+* +current_page?+ now works properly even when there are multiple query parameters in the URL.
h3. Active Support
@@ -482,6 +483,9 @@ h4. Other Railties Changes
* The dbconsole script now lets you use an all-numeric password without crashing.
* +Rails.root+ now returns a +Pathname+ object, which means you can use it directly with the +join+ method to "clean up existing code": that uses +File.join+.
* Various files in /public that deal with CGI and FCGI dispatching are no longer generated in every Rails application by default (you can still get them if you need them by adding +--with-dispatches+ when you run the +rails+ command, or add them later with +rake rails:generate_dispatchers+).
+* Rails Guides have been converted from AsciiDoc to Textile markup.
+* Scaffolded views and controllers have been cleaned up a bit.
+* +script/server+ now accepts a <tt>--path</tt> argument to mount a Rails application from a specific path.
h3. Deprecated

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