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Add headless browser support in api docs [ci skip]
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eileencodes committed Dec 18, 2017
2 parents ce2fc70 + 72aca52 commit 0dfe220425d733b9af5082bcdb04a6a8064d3b6a
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  1. +3 −0 actionpack/lib/action_dispatch/system_test_case.rb
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ module ActionDispatch
# size of the browser screen. These two options are not applicable for
# headless drivers and will be silently ignored if passed.
# Headless browsers such as headless Chrome and headless Firefox are also supported.
# You can use these browsers by setting the +:using+ argument to +:headless_chrome+ or +:headless_firefox+.
# To use a headless driver, like Poltergeist, update your Gemfile to use
# Poltergeist instead of Selenium and then declare the driver name in the
# +application_system_test_case.rb+ file. In this case, you would leave out

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