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1 parent b62c164 commit 0ea10019f790ee42c6426f62622700107c2d53c6 @lifo lifo committed Oct 24, 2008
@@ -935,7 +935,7 @@ <h3 id="_other_active_support_changes">9.4. Other Active Support Changes</h3>
-<tt>Enumerable#several?</tt> to encapsulate <tt>collection.size &gt; 1</tt>
+<tt>Enumerable#many?</tt> to encapsulate <tt>collection.size &gt; 1</tt>
@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ Lead Contributor: link:
* The addition of +ActiveSupport::Rescuable+ allows any class to mix in the +rescue_from+ syntax.
* +past?+, +today?+ and +future?+ for +Date+ and +Time+ classes to facilitate date/time comparisons.
* +Array#second+ through +Array#tenth+ as aliases for +Array#[1]+ through +Array#[9]+
-* +Enumerable#several?+ to encapsulate +collection.size > 1+
+* +Enumerable#many?+ to encapsulate +collection.size > 1+
* +Inflector#parameterize+ produces a URL-ready version of its input, for use in +to_param+.
* +Time#advance+ recognizes fractional days and weeks, so you can do +1.7.weeks.ago+, +1.5.hours.since+, and so on.
* The included TzInfo library has been upgraded to version 0.3.11.

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