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Fix typo on 'custom validations', at AR validation and callbacks guide

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1 parent fdd1ef5 commit 0fbfd4fe0d79d3f9c6fb91f5458fb4f23f768dd7 @cassiomarques cassiomarques committed Nov 12, 2008
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2 railties/doc/guides/source/activerecord_validations_callbacks.txt
@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ If your validation rules are too complicated and you want to break it in small m
[source, ruby]
class Invoice < ActiveRecord::Base
- validate :expiration_date_cannot_be_in_the_past, :discount_cannot_be_be_more_than_total_value
+ validate :expiration_date_cannot_be_in_the_past, :discount_cannot_be_more_than_total_value
def expiration_date_cannot_be_in_the_past
errors.add(:expiration_date, "can't be in the past") if !expiration_date.blank? and expiration_date <

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