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Skip test_default_external_works on the CI for Ruby 1.9.3.

This test is affected by a bug in Ruby 1.9.3p0 and trunk:

Given we cannot fix it for ourselves, it is better to skip for now so
that we will easily see if further failures are introduced.

Jon Leighton is monitoring the bug report and will revert this when a
suitable solution is found (either a new Ruby release or a generic

If you are using 1.9.3 in your app and have templates that are not in
UTF-8, you should add a workaround early on in the boot process. For
example, if your templates are Shift_JIS encoded, then add the
following in an initializer:'Shift_JIS', 'UTF-8')
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1 parent 9a111c7 commit 10773f94eae0dacf10e2ed0c28f6bb73805c2521 @jonleighton jonleighton committed Nov 5, 2011
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  1. +11 −0 actionpack/test/template/template_test.rb
11 actionpack/test/template/template_test.rb
@@ -130,6 +130,17 @@ def test_no_magic_comment_word_with_utf_8
# is set to something other than UTF-8, we don't
# get any errors and get back a UTF-8 String.
def test_default_external_works
+ if ENV['TRAVIS'] && RUBY_VERSION >= '1.9.3'
+ skip(
+ "There is currently a bug in Ruby trunk and in 1.9.3 which makes this test fail. " \
+ "Please see " \
+ "Given there is no known generic workaround that this requires a fix in Ruby itself, " \
+ "this test is skipped on the CI for now so that we don't pollute the CI with failures. " \
+ "Jon Leighton is monitoring the bug report and will renable this test when a solution " \
+ "becomes available."
+ )
+ end
with_external_encoding "ISO-8859-1" do
@template = new_template("hello \xFCmlat")
assert_equal Encoding::UTF_8, render.encoding

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