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Model generator USAGE doc improved

 * Added information about syntax for precision/scale of decimals
 * Removed incorrect information about being able to set `default`
 * Added more examples of usage
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26 railties/lib/rails/generators/rails/model/USAGE
@@ -52,20 +52,26 @@ Available field types:
`rails generate model product supplier:references{polymorphic}`
- You can also specify some options just after the field type. You can use the
- following options:
+ For integer, string, text and binary fields an integer in curly braces will
+ be set as the limit:
- limit Set the maximum size of the field giving a number between curly braces
- default Set a default value for the field
- precision Defines the precision for the decimal fields
- scale Defines the scale for the decimal fields
- uniq Defines the field values as unique
- index Will add an index on the field
+ `rails generate model user pseudo:string{30}`
- Examples:
+ For decimal two integers separated by a comma in curly braces will be used
+ for precision and scale:
+ `rails generate model product price:decimal{10,2}`
ka8725 added a note Oct 25, 2013

this generator doesn't work

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+ You can add a `:uniq` or `:index` suffix for unique or standard indexes
+ respectively:
- `rails generate model user pseudo:string{30}`
`rails generate model user pseudo:string:uniq`
+ `rails generate model user pseudo:string:index`
+ You can combine any single curly brace option with the index options:
+ `rails generate model user username:string{30}:uniq`
+ `rails generate model product supplier:references{polymorphic}:index`

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