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Correct the assertion that join table columns have no options, mind c…

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1 parent 312ad9f commit 122e8dc1e9fab32f56e13902fb2a2c509716acfa Luka Marčetić committed May 27, 2013
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@@ -377,8 +377,8 @@ create_join_table :products, :categories, table_name: :categorization
will create a `categorization` table.
-By default, `create_join_table` will create two columns with no options, but
-you can specify these options using the `:column_options` option. For example,
+For the two table columns, you can override the default `:null` option, or add
+others, by specifying the `:column_options` option. For example,
create_join_table :products, :categories, column_options: {null: true}

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