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Clean up .gitignore and make a note about using global ignores

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1 parent 057a268 commit 139562f241136ca89209ddaffaf10b0b3a599b39 @jeremy jeremy committed Oct 25, 2011
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+# Don't put *.swp, *.bak, etc here; those belong in a global ~/.gitignore.
+# Check out for how to set that up.
sobrinho Oct 25, 2011 Contributor

.rbenv-version and .rvmrc should be on ~/.gitignore too, no?

rails do not depend on these files, developer machine maybe.

and if that's the case, they should be on global gitignore.

guilleiguaran Oct 25, 2011 Member

I couldn't put .rbenv-version in my global .gitignore since I'm sharing it with some developers in a project (and with production machines)

morgoth Oct 26, 2011 Contributor

@guilleiguaran if you want to add ignored file to repository, use force option:
git add -f .rbenv-version


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