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Fixed changelog merge.

Signed-off-by: Joshua Peek <>
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tapajos authored and josh committed Jun 2, 2008
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* Introduce ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone, for wrapping Time instances with a TimeZone. Introduce instance methods to Time for creating TimeWithZone instances, and class methods for managing a global time zone. [Geoff Buesing]
->>>>>>> .r8815
* Replace non-dst-aware TimeZone class with dst-aware class from tzinfo_timezone plugin. TimeZone#adjust and #unadjust are no longer available; tzinfo gem must now be present in order to perform time zone calculations, via #local_to_utc and #utc_to_local methods. [Geoff Buesing]
* Extract ActiveSupport::Callbacks from Active Record, test case setup and teardown, and ActionController::Dispatcher. #10727 [Josh Peek]

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