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commit 16c18f00fbf1a4835c8e374939e94d7152c3c06c 1 parent 78c38c9
Vijay Dev vijaydev authored
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  1. +1 −2  railties/guides/source/active_support_core_extensions.textile
3  railties/guides/source/active_support_core_extensions.textile
@@ -709,8 +709,7 @@ X.local_constants # => [:X1, :X2, :Y]
X::Y.local_constants # => [:Y1, :X1]
-The names are returned as symbols. (The method +local_constant_names+ returns
-strings, but +local_constant_names+ is deprecated.)
+The names are returned as symbols. (The deprecated method +local_constant_names+ returns strings.)
NOTE: Defined in +active_support/core_ext/module/introspection.rb+.
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