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AS guide: removes docs for each_char, no longer in AS

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WARNING. Active Support invokes +to_s+ on the argument, but Ruby does not. Since Active Support defines these methods only if strings do not respond to them, this corner of their behaviour depends on the interpreter that runs a given Rails application. You change the interpreter, and +start_with?(1)+ may change its return value. In consequence, it's more portable not to rely on that and pass always strings.
-h4. +each_char+
-Ruby 1.8.7 and up define the iterator +String#each_char+ that understands UTF8 and yields strings with a single character each, so they have length 1 but may be multibyte. Active Support defines that method for previous versions of Ruby:
-"\xE6\x97\xA5\xE6\x9C\xAC\xE8\xAA\x9E".each_char {|c| print c} # => 日本語
h4. Access
h5. +at(position)+

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