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Add changelog entry for references statements

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## Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased) ##
+* Add `add_reference` and `remove_reference` schema statements. Aliases, `add_belongs_to`
+ and `remove_belongs_to` are acceptable. References are reversible.
+ Examples:
+ # Create a user_id column
+ add_reference(:products, :user)
+ # Create a supplier_id, supplier_type columns and appropriate index
+ add_reference(:products, :supplier, polymorphic: true, index: true)
+ # Remove polymorphic reference
+ remove_reference(:products, :supplier, polymorphic: true)
+ *Aleksey Magusev*
* Add `:default` and `:null` options to `column_exists?`.
column_exists?(:testings, :taggable_id, :integer, null: false)

3 comments on commit 17d2115

Ruby on Rails member

@vijaydev should I add this to the Release Notes?

Ruby on Rails member

Yes please.

Ruby on Rails member

Done at b5a2f24

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