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fix the initializer block example and clarify

clarify that the contents of the block is expected to return a string. the previous example executed puts and the initializer got nothing.

also, made it consistent with the single-line example to be more clear as to what's going on
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1 parent 6f9baae commit 18f9d46d4ff0c9be6f4561d06d66f4c55b81731c @cpg cpg committed Mar 22, 2013
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@@ -589,11 +589,11 @@ Creates an initializer in the `config/initializers` directory of the application
initializer "begin.rb", "puts 'this is the beginning'"
-This method also takes a block:
+This method also takes a block, expected to return a string:
initializer "begin.rb" do
- puts "Almost done!"
+ "puts 'this is the beginning'"

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