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Fix wrong behavior where associations with dependent: :destroy options

was using nullify strategy

This caused a regression in applications trying to upgrade.

Also if the user set the dependent option as destroy he expects to get
the records removed from the database.
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1 parent d9e7050 commit 1918b12c0429caec2a6134ac5e5b42ade103fe90 @rafaelfranca rafaelfranca committed Nov 1, 2013
4 activerecord/
@@ -545,11 +545,11 @@
Method `delete_all` should not be invoking callbacks and this
feature was deprecated in Rails 4.0. This is being removed.
`delete_all` will continue to honor the `:dependent` option. However
- if `:dependent` value is `:destroy` then the default deletion
+ if `:dependent` value is `:destroy` then the `:delete_all` deletion
strategy for that collection will be applied.
User can also force a deletion strategy by passing parameter to
- `delete_all`. For example you can do `@post.comments.delete_all(:nullify)` .
+ `delete_all`. For example you can do `@post.comments.delete_all(:nullify)`.
*Neeraj Singh*
6 activerecord/lib/active_record/associations/collection_association.rb
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ def transaction(*args)
# Removes all records from the association without calling callbacks
# on the associated records. It honors the `:dependent` option. However
- # if the `:dependent` value is `:destroy` then in that case the default
+ # if the `:dependent` value is `:destroy` then in that case the `:delete_all`
# deletion strategy for the association is applied.
# You can force a particular deletion strategy by passing a parameter.
@@ -170,9 +170,7 @@ def delete_all(dependent = nil)
dependent = if dependent.present?
elsif options[:dependent] == :destroy
- # since delete_all should not invoke callbacks so use the default deletion strategy
- # for :destroy
- reflection.is_a?(ActiveRecord::Reflection::ThroughReflection) ? :delete_all : :nullify
+ :delete_all
7 activerecord/test/cases/associations/has_many_associations_test.rb
@@ -101,11 +101,10 @@ def test_create_from_association_with_nil_values_should_work
def test_do_not_call_callbacks_for_delete_all
- bulb_count = Bulb.count
car = Car.create(:name => 'honda')
assert_nothing_raised { car.reload.funky_bulbs.delete_all }
- assert_equal bulb_count + 1, Bulb.count, "bulbs should have been deleted using :nullify strategey"
+ assert_equal 0, Bulb.count, "bulbs should have been deleted using :delete_all strategey"
def test_building_the_associated_object_with_implicit_sti_base_class
@@ -864,15 +863,15 @@ def test_clearing_a_dependent_association_collection
assert_equal 1, firm.dependent_clients_of_firm.size
assert_equal 1, Client.find_by_id(client_id).client_of
- # :nullify is called on each client
+ # :delete_all is called on each client since the dependent options is :destroy
assert_equal 0, firm.dependent_clients_of_firm.size
assert_equal 0, firm.dependent_clients_of_firm(true).size
assert_equal [], Client.destroyed_client_ids[]
# Should be destroyed since the association is dependent.
- assert_nil Client.find_by_id(client_id).client_of
+ assert_nil Client.find_by_id(client_id)
def test_delete_all_with_option_delete_all

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