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Removing not useful test related to reflect_on_all_associations

The comment in the test pretty much summarizes the issue.
`FIXME these assertions bust a lot`

Adding any type of association in class `Firm` will break this test.

I removed some deprecated stuff and this test failed.

I do not think this test provides any useful value. First of all who
counted last that 39 is the right number of associations.

Secondly there are a large number of tests which depend on reflection
returning right information about associations. Those tests will start
failing if there is a bug in the code.
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1 parent 20b3704 commit 1a560e6160f8b4f4a6c01d13000bad20ef02edf9 Neeraj Singh committed Jul 2, 2013
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  1. +0 −8 activerecord/test/cases/reflection_test.rb
@@ -186,14 +186,6 @@ def test_association_reflection_in_modules
ActiveRecord::Base.store_full_sti_class = true
- def test_reflection_of_all_associations
- # FIXME these assertions bust a lot
- assert_equal 39, Firm.reflect_on_all_associations.size
- assert_equal 29, Firm.reflect_on_all_associations(:has_many).size
- assert_equal 10, Firm.reflect_on_all_associations(:has_one).size
- assert_equal 0, Firm.reflect_on_all_associations(:belongs_to).size
- end
def test_reflection_should_not_raise_error_when_compared_to_other_object
assert_nothing_raised { Firm.reflections[:clients] == }

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