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…ion": 'Using Accept-Language' and 'Using GeoIP (or similar) database' {i18n guide}
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==== Using GeoIP (or similar) database
+Another way of choosing the locale from client's information would be to use a database for mapping client IP to region, such as[GeoIP Lite Country]. The mechanics of the code would be very similar to the code above -- you would need to query database for user's IP, and lookup your preffered locale for the country/region/city returned.
==== User profile
+You can also provide users of your application with means to set (and possibly over-ride) locale in your application interface, as well. Again, mechanics for this approach would be very similar to the code above -- you'd probably let users choose a locale from a dropdown list and save it to their profile in database. Then you'd set the locale to this value.
== Internationalizing your application

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