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Clarify the default assets.precompile matcher behavior

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@@ -369,10 +369,10 @@ It is important that this folder is shared between deployments so that remotely
NOTE. If you are precompiling your assets locally, you can use +bundle install --without assets+ on the server to avoid installing the assets gems (the gems in the assets group in the Gemfile).
-The default matcher for compiling files includes +application.js+, +application.css+ and all files that do not end in +js+ or +css+:
+The default matcher for compiling files includes +application.js+, +application.css+ and all non-JS/CSS files (ie. and +.scss+ files are *not* automatically included as they compile to JS/CSS):
-[ /\w<plus>\.(?!js|css).<plus>/, /application.(css|js)$/ ]
+[{ |path| !File.extname(path).in?(['.js', '.css']) }, /application.(css|js)$/ ]
If you have other manifests or individual stylesheets and JavaScript files to include, you can add them to the +precompile+ array:
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