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strong parameter example for hashes with integer keys.

This replicates the situation described in
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@@ -290,6 +290,20 @@ parameters:
params.require(:author).permit(:name, books_attributes: [:title, :id, :_destroy])
+Hasesh with integer keys are treated differently and you can declare
+the attributes as if they were direct children. You get this kind of
+parameters when you use `accepts_nested_attributes_for` in combination
+with a `has_many` association:
+# To whitelist the following data:
+# {"book" => {"title" => "Some Book",
+# "chapters_attributes" => { "1" => {"title" => "First Chapter"},
+# "2" => {"title" => "Second Chapter"}}}}
+params.require(:book).permit(:title, chapters_attributes: [:title])
#### Outside the Scope of Strong Parameters
The strong parameter API was designed with the most common use cases
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