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correction on cache.fetch race_condition_ttl

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1 parent 14f70df commit 21586d364bd760b98173254f509fc6ab3b2e3f44 @dickeyxxx dickeyxxx committed May 23, 2013
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@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ def self.instrument
# Setting <tt>:race_condition_ttl</tt> is very useful in situations where
# a cache entry is used very frequently and is under heavy load. If a
- # cache expires and due to heavy load seven different processes will try
+ # cache expires and due to heavy load several different processes will try
# to read data natively and then they all will try to write to cache. To
# avoid that case the first process to find an expired cache entry will
# bump the cache expiration time by the value set in <tt>:race_condition_ttl</tt>.

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