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Improve secret_token deprecation message

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commit 219e831d15b10eef43a7a65262bd0938e6baaabb 1 parent 257b3f6
Santiago Pastorino spastorino authored
Showing with 4 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +4 −3 railties/lib/rails/application.rb
7 railties/lib/rails/application.rb
@@ -135,9 +135,10 @@ def key_generator
def env_config
@env_config ||= begin
if config.secret_key_base.nil?
- ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn "You didn't set config.secret_key_base. " +
- "This should be used instead of the old deprecated config.secret_token. " +
- "Set config.secret_key_base instead of config.secret_token in config/initializers/secret_token.rb"
+ ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn "You didn't set config.secret_key_base in config/initializers/secret_token.rb file. " +
+ "This should be used instead of the old deprecated config.secret_token in order to use the new EncryptedCookieStore. " +
+ "To convert safely to the encrypted store (without losing existing cookies and sessions), see"
if config.secret_token.blank?
raise "You must set config.secret_key_base in your app's config"

4 comments on commit 219e831

Santiago Pastorino

We probably need a CONSTANT for guides url
in master Rails::GUIDES_URL = ""
in *-stable Rails::GUIDES_URL = ""
and as part of the release process when we create *-stable branches we would need to change from edgeguides to guides

Santiago Pastorino

/cc @tenderlove

We are pointing from the code mostly to but here and here we are not

Santiago Pastorino

I've fixed it for now 3755a49 unsure if the constant worth

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