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Add a Rails 5 release note for ActionController::Live becoming a Concern

Related to issue #25581

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rosenfeld committed Jun 30, 2016
1 parent b96bd9c commit 21a5841b1f28dfb548dc69d89bb17dbc89cac950
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@@ -447,6 +447,17 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog][action-pack] for detailed changes.
([Pull Request](
* `ActionController::Live` became an `ActiveSupport::Concern`. That
means it can't be just included in other modules without extending
them with `ActiveSupport::Concern` or `ActionController::Live`
won't take effect in production. Some people may be using another
module to include some special `Warden`/`Devise` authentication
failure handling code as well since the middleware can't catch a
`:warden` thrown by a spawned thread which is the case when using
([More details in this issue](
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