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Update guides with new scaffold.css path

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1 parent b2cb991 commit 21c03a2f48b4ac9acb6814aa3686bc7a6863120d @smartinez87 smartinez87 committed Apr 13, 2011
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@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ $ rails generate scaffold User name:string
invoke test_unit
create test/unit/helpers/users_helper_test.rb
invoke stylesheets
- create public/stylesheets/scaffold.css
+ create app/assets/stylesheets/scaffold.css
Looking at this output, it's easy to understand how generators work in Rails 3.0 and above. The scaffold generator doesn't actually generate anything, it just invokes others to do the work. This allows us to add/replace/remove any of those invocations. For instance, the scaffold generator invokes the scaffold_controller generator, which invokes erb, test_unit and helper generators. Since each generator has a single responsibility, they are easy to reuse, avoiding code duplication.

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