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Add plural form example for AR I18n section [ci skip]

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Then `User.model_name.human` will return "Dude" and `User.human_attribute_name("login")` will return "Handle".
+You can also set a plural form for model names, adding as following:
+ activerecord:
+ models:
+ user:
+ one: Dude
+ other: Dudes
+Then `User.model_name.human(:count => 2)` will return "Dudes". With `:count => 1` or without params will return "Dude".
#### Error Message Scopes
Active Record validation error messages can also be translated easily. Active Record gives you a couple of namespaces where you can place your message translations in order to provide different messages and translation for certain models, attributes, and/or validations. It also transparently takes single table inheritance into account.

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