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@@ -778,13 +778,6 @@ You don't need to set up and run your tests by hand on a test-by-test basis. Rai
| `rake test:models` | Runs all the model tests from `test/models`|
| `rake test:units` | Runs all the unit tests from `test/models`, `test/helpers`, and `test/unit`|
-There're also some test commands which you can initiate by running rake tasks:
-| Tasks | Description |
-| ------------------------ | ----------- |
-| `rake test` | Runs all unit, functional and integration tests. You can also simply run `rake` as the _test_ target is the default.|
-| `rake test:recent` | Tests recent changes|
-| `rake test:uncommitted` | Runs all the tests which are uncommitted. Supports Subversion and Git|
Brief Note About `MiniTest`
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