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Revert "Use MiniTest in Ruby 1.8 if it is available."

This reverts commit c3e186e.

Reason: too many incompatibilities make a lot of Rails tests fail in 1.9.
Might need more work to get this done properly in 3-2 if necessary.
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1 parent cd5b2e1 commit 267fb61277ac960ad443d239febcb3136a007d24 @carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva committed Nov 13, 2012
Showing with 1 addition and 8 deletions.
  1. +0 −5 activesupport/
  2. +1 −3 activesupport/lib/active_support/test_case.rb
@@ -2,11 +2,6 @@
* Fix mocha v0.13.0 compatibility. *James Mead*
-* `ActiveSupport::TestCase` now inherits from `Minitest::Unit::TestCase` in Ruby 1.8
- if available, otherwise it inherits from the default `Test::Unit::TestCase`.
- *James Mead*
* `#as_json` isolates options when encoding a hash. [Backport #8185]
Fix #8182
@@ -9,9 +9,7 @@
require 'active_support/core_ext/kernel/reporting'
module ActiveSupport
- test_library = defined?(MiniTest) ? ::MiniTest : ::Test
- class TestCase < test_library::Unit::TestCase
+ class TestCase < ::Test::Unit::TestCase
if defined? MiniTest
Assertion = MiniTest::Assertion
alias_method :method_name, :name if method_defined? :name

4 comments on commit 267fb61


floehopper replied Jan 14, 2013

You might want to consider this pull request as an alternative.

@floehopper that has been merged, do you think this should be reverted now? I can try and see if everything is working, if it's necessary. Thanks.


floehopper replied Jan 16, 2013

Sorry. I think my comment above might have been confusing. The (now merged) pull request (#8933) was an alternative to the commit (c3e186e) that this commit (267fb61) reverted. So I do not think this commit should be reverted. Does that make sense?

Perfect, I didn't understand they were interchangeable, sorry, I though the pull request was an addition to this one. Thank you!

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